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Triumph TR6 - How many times......?

While trying to read between the lines of NKOTB Barry's post regarding reasons to buy a TR6, it occurred to me he may get a better understanding of TR6 owners and the car if we were honest about a few things.

I have often found it difficult to get an objective opinion as to the merits and deficiencies of anything that someone owns, particularly if they have invested big bucks or resources into the 'project'. Ego, pride, call it what you like, it can take a lot to admit we have made a mistake, particularly to our peers.

So, my question many times have you really, seriously considered selling your beloved TR? (and I don't mean at 1:00am in the workshop with skinned knuckles and a pool of oil on the floor!)....and what were the reasons.....then let's hear why you DIDN'T sell!

Barry, your reasons for selling your B after 6 years would be interesting to hear.

For my part,I must admit that in spite of the huge amount of time I have put into it, there have been times of doubt involving frustration with the mechanicals, money, safety and practicality however it continues to give me such joy to be out in it, often alone, that I cannot see it being sold. I have actually promised it to to my 15y.o. son, but warned him that he could be 50 by the time he gets it!

Roger H


Too true. I have my TR (father orig. owner), promised to my 16yr old nephew. Can't see ever giving it up for cash.

P Johnston

My sister (mother of 2) asked "Why don't I sell it?" after a week of frustrating break downs. I responded "Sell my baby?!? Would you sell yours?"


Interesting question. I initially bought my MGB because it was affordable and the bodywork had already been done by the PO. On the first 'phone call he menioned that it burned oil - I found this to be about a litre per 100km! Over the years I have made improvements to the car including fitting a UK factory rebuilt replacement engine and a 5-speed conversion transmission, Pertonix module, K&N filters, all new interior etc. Part of the appeal therefore has been working on the car and managed to achieve 'best in class' two years at the MGCCT annual members' choice event. Having now essentially finished tweaking I accepted a good offer with the intent of starting over. I also very much enjoy driving the car and had put on 10,000+ miles since the engine/transmission change three years ago. Unlike some MG (and perhaps Triumph owners) I am not wedded to one specific make but enjoy the unique attributes of each car. The TR6 is an attraction because of the rugged good looks and the in-line six engine.


B.J. Quartermaine


You have a good point on objectivity. If we are all logic we definitely have never considered buying a TR6.
I myself have never had in mind of getting rid of my TR6. It is a way of life to believe; everything must not be serious in life.


J. G. Catford

Roger, I think many of us have a life long love of these kinds of cars. In my 55 years, I have owned a MGB, a Jensen Healey, and now the TR6. It would make a lot more sense to buy a Miata, but my head hits the top when it is up. It would make a lot more sense to buy a Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

Part of the attraction is probably the result of some sort of mental deficiency we all have, but part of the attraction is the idea that we do not see our cars coming and going. They are relatively unique, and many of us probably like having something unique. We can work on them, which for me is a tremendous stress reliever.

Finally, they're a ball to drive. They don't make a lot of sense, but in a world full of compromises that do make a lot of sense, who would give their TR6 (or MGB or whatever) up if they don't have to?

JL Bryan

Why I keep my TR? I live in a University town and it's the only way I get people to look at me. Miatas are a dime a dozen, Mitsubishis and Hondas are just another car. MGBs just don't catch the eye. But a freshly painted Tahiti Blue TR6 with new Superlite wheels with a throaty falcon exhaust system on an Oregon sunny summer day - man, I love to watch people watch me go by! Nothing like stopping at a light and having a 20y/o coed on a bicycle next to you say "Cute car!" I always want to say "Cute a$$," but just reply "Thank you." Yeah, I'm cheap. OBTW, 52 going on 19.

I got my first Triumph in 1967, followed by a Bug Eyed Sprite and a TR4a and a previous TR-6.

From the begining, the roadster mentallity totally and permenently alters your DNA. You will forever be predisposed. If you disagree, count how many times people say, I had one once...

PS - The joy is compounded by autocrosses, and you and a beautifull woman getting dressed up and going out to dinner on a warm summer night, with the top down of course.

I first drove a TR6 in high school and I waited 24 years to buy my own. Now I own a '72 and '74 that are both in mint condition. People ask me why I have two and I simply can't give them a logical answer. No other car (that I can resonable afford) gives me that "feeling". I'm usually working on one and driving the other. I have thought about selling one and getting a restored '70-'72 240Z or maybe a Miata, but so far I can't get myself to do it. Mind you, a mint 240Z is difficult to come by and if one lands on my doorstep tomorrow, I could be swayed. Either way, I'll aways have one TR in my garage.

About 4 uears ago I went for a Fiat Barchetta. At the shop I went to, the also sold a lot of classics (MGB, TR6, MGA, Spit's). I fell i love with the TR6, because of it's looks and sounds.
Then first tried to learn as much as possible about the 6. (also from this BBS !!). I moved to another house, with a garage. 2 months later went back for the TR, it was still there. Traded in a Mercedes A-Class (with some return money) and 2 weeks later I could pick it up.Back home, the neighbour started his car and it sounded great, went outside and found out he ownes a TR6 as well !!
Apart from the repare moments that did not went great (open knockles etc) I NEVER really thougt of selling it. Hope to drive it as long as possible.

Eric de Lange

They're butch, they're fussy, they invoke a gokart like feeling in most of us. Maybe they make us feel younger.

I've been accused of buying a midlife crisis car, but I must have had this crisis for 30 years. I hope it never stops.

Roger; To answer your question NEVER. Even when the fuel pump blew in a parking garage, or when I couldn't find rims that weren't all dinged up, I still loved that car. Of course, being a anglophile who's also a gearhead, what choice to I have?

How could I possibly give up "MY MSTRS"?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

My baby drinks like a sailor. Seems like every little outing costs $30.00 With gas at $1.30 per liter I have to admitt to thinking about selling. But as soon as I get her out and I'm carving corners and eating straight aways I wonder how I ever lived without this car.
Selling is not an option
Christopher T.

NEVER thought I would see the day it would cost me $56.00 to fill up the 6 ($1.46/liter...Shell 94). MAN!!!
Rick C
Rick Crawford

You buy a TR6 because you love it.....plan and simple....if not buy something else...period!

Not TR6, but could have been. I had a TR3 that I thought was just too rusty to resurrect, had a Ford 6 cylinder engine, cut the battery box a bit to get that in, needed almost everything. I parted her out, still have most of the parts I saved. I could have resurrected her, and really should have. Could have called it a TR150 or put a tractor engine back in. Nobody gets to enjoy her now.

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