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Triumph TR6 - How Many TR6's Left

Was just wondering if anybody Knew how many Tr6 are left .How many were made? I was wondering because I can not believe how much Austin Healy 300's Have gone up. The less Tr6's that are around the higher the money we could get. But than you would never want to see.
I had to laugh I have a 74 and in Fl I can't get collector plates untill the car is 30 years old. I guess nobody at DMV ever own one . I had A tr6 that only lasted 5 LOL

John, my 71 qualified for classic plates here in SoFl. Somewhere, I have seen some statistics on how many they think are still around. I'm guessing its still a pretty big number, based on how many you see on Ebay. John.
JL Bryan

Hi John,
Hope your nice and warm down in Florida...I just came in from shovelling our first snowfall and my TR6 is sleeping peacefully inside for a few months, enjoy your drives !
As my books tell me there was 94,000 TR6's built with 90% built to US specs. I'm not sure how many are left but I would also be interested in knowing that info.
Here is a link to an article about the last TR6 built
Charlie Ballard

This thread was discussed on 01/12/2003

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