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Triumph TR6 - how to find reputable mechanic

OK guys...don't fall out of your seats with laughter.
I am the original owner of a '76 TR-6 (less than 25K miles) and because of children (too numerous to all fit in car), I haven't been able to drive it too much. Moved to Marietta, GA area a while back...met a guy who has a TR6...mentioned the mechanic that I was referred to and he said, "NO! Don't go to him...and when you find someone to take your TR-6 to, let me know!" Well, that shot my confidence ... I am REAL picky about who lays hands on my little car. Now I need a good mechanic for an over-all tune-up and have no idea where to go. Anyone have any connections in the Marietta/Atlanta, GA area? Or what questions do I ask Mr. Mechanic when I start looking? I guess I could start a new hobby and learn to do this all myself... but the only thing I know about cars is where to put the ignition key and sometimes that gets a bit iffy! I have toyed with the idea of selling the Shrimpy car but just can't bring myself to do that. Please help if you can! happy driving!

Must be nice to have owned your car from new, and can understand your reluctance to let any one at it with a spanner!So why not have a go your self, buy a Haynes or factory manual and read them and start on the simple servicing jobs .Your confidence will grow with experience, they are simple basic cars to work on and a pleasure aswell.

So-o-o-o-o, if I were to try this -- and mind you I already have enough hobbies to last one lifetime -- where would I find this Haynes book or a factory book? Can they be ordered from the web? Thanks for the info.

Details of some books

Factory ISBN 1 869826 132
Haynes ISBN 0 900550 31 7
TR 6 Restoration ISBN 1 873098 27 8

You will be able tro get these from a TR parts supplier, in the UK most of the spealists list them-Moss, Rimmers, TRGB.

Hope this helps and good look.

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