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Triumph TR6 - Hydraulic Lifters

I'm planning what to do with a spare TR6 engine block. I'm considering having the cam journals bored for bearings running a mild street cam (Kent or GP) with, possibly, roller rockers. In the interest of breathing efficiency, noise reduction, and convenience, is it possible to machine the lifter bores to accept hydraulic lifters? If so, where are the lifters obtained? Will the aftermarket cams work with such lifters? Thanks. Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Ah, come on now, surely SOMEONE has an opinion on this! Rick O.
Rick Orthen


Looked at the block myself to look at using larger diameter lifters to have a more aggressive valve lift ramp (higher valve acceleration).

The "meat" around one of the sets of lifter holes is a bit light, but would probably work. If you are looking for hydraulic lifters, then certainly a set of SBC (small block Chevy) are probably the easiest to obtain (with 4 left over from the set), and are larger than the TR6.

Cams are another issue. Typically solid lifter cams have a more aggressive lift than hydraulic. It may be that hydraulic units need to settle, or the cushioning effect needs to be taken up.

I would expect a loss of breathing due to the take up, unless the cam is designed to handle it, and the larger lifter diameter of the SBC unit. By your initial discussion, that is not what you are looking at doing.

Would the other benefits be achieved? Maybe. Worth the effort? Don't know, up to you. How often do you need to adjust the tappets? If it is done well, how noisy are they (given the wind noise, exhaust noise, etc>)?


LG Middleton

Just go whole hog and pull the six and drop in
a small block ford 302 V8.
Just finished mine and having lots of fun.
Check out
for how to.
Christopher Trace

Thanks Leo and Chris. Looks like it'll take more effort than it's worth and, importantly, no actual experience by anyone doing it. The 302 transplant is awesome Chris, but not what I'm looking for (right now at least). Thanks again. Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Ok here is my opinion! Why bother going to hydraulic? Solid lifters are performance lifters!

This thread was discussed between 01/04/2002 and 05/04/2002

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