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Triumph TR6 - I want a TR6 (I think) seeking one in the South

Greetings, I have always wanted a TR6, and soon will be in the market for one. If anyone has, or knows of one near the New Orleans area please email me.

Thanks........ Dan

I saw your ad seeking a TR6. I live in Aiken, South Carolina

I have a 1972 I am thinking of selling. I want $2000 for it, sold "as is, where is".

I also may PART OUT the engine, transmission and TR6 wheels for anyone interested.

Here's a description:

1972 TR6 convertible with parts car, needs TOTAL restoration. Body is for the most part, RUST FREE. There is some surface rust visible in the floorpans, but they are VERY solid. (Car was an oklahoma car).

Body has a few minor dents here and there, and needs paint. There is damage in the front under the grill, and this piece needs replacing (I have a near perfect piece on the parts car). The right front fender
shows signs of previous damage and repair, and is quite fixable but I'd replace. Likewise, the right front wheel looks like the castor camber is slightly off possibly from the wreck, but I don't believe that's a show stopper at all. The current hood is fair and I have an extra one that's lots better. Glass is good, doors open close good, interior is poor, seats are fair. All gauges are there, wood dash needs refinishing.
Steering wheel is poor. Top frame good, no top canvas. Black top of dash is badly cracked.

Missing left rear tail lens and front bumper, but I may be able to supply one of each of these. Wheels are original, engine and transmission are original. Engine runs pretty good, brakes need work, as
does the clutch mater cylinder (I may fix these this week so it can be driven). Tires are old and need to be replaced but could be driven around the block on them.

Clear title, definitely worth restoring. Key to shopping for a car like this is body RUST (or lack thereof), that's why this car is worth restoring.

Let me know if you're interested.

chuck weigle

This thread was discussed between 09/11/2002 and 26/11/2002

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