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Triumph TR6 - Ignition Barrel Install

The ignition key on my '74 is getting increasingly difficut to insert. Has anyone been able to replace the barrel or do I have to replace the whole works? How difficult was the job? Should I just call a locksmith? Where did you get the new innerds and keys?
I would like to clear this up before I get stranded.
Thanks in advance,
Steve C.
Steve Crosby

There's nothing you can do about this, you'd better sell the car to me for scrap and buy a Toyota.

I think a good option while you figure it out (in case you get stranded) is to first by-pass and attach a hot wire switch. Then tinker with the barrel at your time and pace.

Steve I have just replaced this Item on a 71 TR6 and the barrel is not an option, Bite the bullet and get the assembly with the steering lock, The job is not a nightmare but the most difficult part is removing the shear bolts, this can be achieved with a good sharp centre punch and small hammer, This job is detailed in the TR6 workshop manual, Good luck

Thanks for your input. I'll get an order in for the assembly with lock.
Steve Crosby

I wonder if some cleaning with a spray lubricant or possibly some dry graphite dust will help to extend the life of the key barrel? I agree with Clive in that getting a whole new assembly is the way to go, but if you are like me and funds are tight and judiciously allocated to the "major" stuff, a little graphite may do the trick until you get the part on hand. Maybe you have already tried this route? Cheers!

A worn out key or lock almost left me stranded by locking the steering col. I never liked the awkward posistion of lock, so it was a good opprotunity to move the ign. switch back to the dash, like the early cars. I had an old TR4 switch in the parts bin, so it was even more painless.
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