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Triumph TR6 - Ignition leads - which brand

After ploughing through the 'technical' and promotional literature at and , I thought it best to use the best resource of all - the font of real experience!!

Can anyone help me in deciding between Magnecor's KV85 Competition 8.5mm wires and MSD's 8.5 Superconductors?

All opinions greatly appreciated (and alternative suggestions).

Roger H

Roger--Read all the tech info at Magnecor's site before deciding. I know nothing about MSD's product. If MSD's are similar in construction to the KV85's, then it comes down to cost (and appearance?). Then open your plug gaps up to 0.040.

I have the fat KV85's and believe them to be an excellent product and value. Far superior to the "authentic" green leads sold by TRF.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

It all comes down to ohm resistance per foot. 40-50 per foot is excellent.
D.L. Laray

I'm running the MSD wires and have had no problems. I'v had the magnecore's in there as well. There is no seat of the pants difference between those two brands. Both are top of the line and won't be any hp or torque differences between them. Choose the cheapest of the two.
John Parfitt

Thanks to all for the feedback. I've decided on the Magnecor's as their blurb seems a little more convincing and LBC Car Co has them on 'special' at the moment (cheaper than I can get either here!!)


Roger H


If plug wires are the top of your list you must indeed have the thing fully sorted.

What's it like!

73 5 speed shaker hood.
John Parfitt

Pretty close John (touch wood!)

We have a Triumph Sports Owners Association 25th anniversary (with 'Nationals')here for a week in October so many guys are putting forward their mods and starting to tune up for then.

There are supposed to be some seriously fast cars coming over from the East coast so us parochial West Aussies are doing our best to be competitive - unfortunately on a tight budget from my point of view - still, had her at 6500rpm today for a little while - and survived!!!

Roger H

Hey, Roger.

I went with the Magnecor's as well. Had a bit of a bad experience right away - I put the wire on the #1 plug (which was kind of difficult) and it promptly pulled apart when I attempted to take it off. I swear I only pulled the boot and didn't yank on the wire!!

I sent the wire back and it was repaired free of charge with a warning that I shouldn't pull the wire. I grumbled a bit on that....

I ended up cutting about 1/4" off the base of each plug boot so those things wouldn't grip so tight. Things have worked fine for me since. Just a heads up - the longer boots may be great for racing, but can be a royal PITA if you check plug condition frequently. Beyond that - they seem great wires.

Brent B

Brent--I've have great success easing boot removal by applying a generous dab of silicone grease to the boot prior to insertion.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

This thread was discussed between 14/07/2004 and 19/07/2004

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