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Triumph TR6 - Ignition overhaul

My name is Don McGannon, I cannot figure out why it is showing up as DM McGannon.

I bought a '73 TR6 about 18 months ago from a the mechanic owner of a local garage. Pretty green, a lot to learn.

About 6 months ago while driving, lost power. The mechanic (seller) replaced distributor, rotor, adjusted points, spark plugs & wires. Pretty sure they just used whatever distributor was laying around, I want to overhaul the ignition with the correct parts, need some advice.

The current distributor has 1 spark plug wire disconnected at the cap, I cannot re-connect. I figure it's a distributor manufactured with non-detatchable wires at the cap and one somehow broke off.

Also any advice as to what I should install myself vs. ordering the parts and having professionally installed?

Do I need:
1. Pertronix Flame Thrower Electronic Distributor.
2. Pertronix Ignitor Electronic Ignition.
3. Pertronix Ignition Coil (Ballasted,'73 on)
4. 8mm Cobalt wires vs. 8.5mm magnecor wires?
5. Vacuum advance Unit.
6. Low tension wire coil to distributor.

My manual says coil is Lucas 15c6 w/ ballast resistor wire in harness and distributor is Lucas w/ centrifugal advance and vacuum retard.

I will probably order the parts and have a professional install. I am trying to avoid buying the wrong thing or buying what I don't need. Or not buying what I do need.

I will be ordering the Bentley Shop Manual. I have used this site before, really enjoy it. Thanks in advance to all.
Don M.
DM McGannon

Don, Send me your e mail and I'll send you an electronic Bentley. That's nice to have too.
Do you still have the original dizzy?
Don Kelly

Hi Don

If you have time and want to learn, you may want to try all of them yourself and if sucessful great if not then you can go to the professional.

The coil is pretty straight forward to do. Your exisiting coil is unlikley a problem.

If the distribtor is replaced with the distributor drive gear then you have to ensure you keep the timing correct. If you don't have to pull the distributor gear then it should be a fiarly straight forward swap as well. CAn't say if yours is OK now or should be replaced.

The electronic ignition is probably the most challenging of the lot you list. I haven't done one myself so I can't say how involved it would be. I am still using the points.

I have no experience with different wires so I can't say which is better.

Low tension wire- easy. But it is unlikley to be a problem.

Further as what you need on the list - what is your objective? Is it running OK now? Do you want improved performance? Better fuel economy? Keep engine as original as possible?

Have fun!
Michael Petryschuk

Don Kelly - is there anyway to do that without posting my (employer's) email address online?

Well my objective is that my current distributor (points) looks shot, I want to replace with proper equipment.

In the Moss Catalog, you can order Lucas distributor cap $36.95 (aftermarket cap $8.95 - big quality difference?). If I buy that distributor cap do I also need to order the rotor, condenser & point set?

Also would like your thoughts on whether I should keep going w/ the points or go to electronic ingnition?
DM McGannon

or send it to me at, donnkelly.

If you get new rotors make sure they are the new red ones that Jeff and another dizzy refurbisher is selling.
I think TRF and Moss are also selling them.
Don Kelly

Don DM,

If you could find at NAPA the original Echlin EP55 distributor Cap which are copper-brass it is a plus. As Al Lucas caps were always a non-durable item.

That non-detachable cap you are describing, is it:

If it is this type there is a screw inside securing each wire. But it is really vintage from Noah era.


Jean G
J. G. Catford

Issue resolved: I took out the distributor cap & wires, brought to mechanic, he was able to reconnect the wires to the cap. Said sometimes the connector clip ends up in the wire, gets pulled out of the cap. Re-installed & had a great ride this weekend. Thank you for your advice and suggestions!
DM McGannon

hi Don, can you send me an eversion of the Bently? Pretty please.... les.gilholmeATsodexoDOTcom

lw gilholme

First thing Sunday Am
Don Kelly

Good Day ... Since we are on the topic of ignitions, I was wondering what is the alternative to the Petronix Flame Thrower Distributor?
Can I upgrade the distributor and keep the using the tach or am I out of luck?
How can I rectify the loss of the tach? I read in the archives that you can change it to a digital tach,any thoughts?
Thank you all.
A Findlay

There are a couple of alt. dizzys out there.
Mallory (below)
123 version
Maybe even an MSD
All these you need to convert your tach to electric.There are a few companies who do that.

Have yours rebuilt by Advance Dist.
This is probably the cheapest.

Don Kelly

Hi Don
Welcome. I agree with Michael. You should try to do some work on your car yourself. It can be SOOOO satisfying. I would go with the Pertronix ignition. Can be installed and help correct tired dizzys.

I would like to make a comment on a very important post from Alistair on the thread "TR6 timing chain redo". Alistair posted a link to a very kind fellow TR enthusiast who has given us the motherload of manuals. For all the kind and generious chaps here who send copies of the CD to others, it is where anyone can get information for personal use.
I am trying to be quiet on mentioning this site because of past experiences with the CD. Thanks Alistair.

Enjoy your TR6 Don. They are lots of fun.
Rick Crawford

By the by...
The above stuff in the pic is for sale
Don Kelly

Hi guys, I had an ignition problem with my TR6 that caused a slight miss at idle that was quite noticable (by me anyway) at speed. I replaced the points with a Pertronix coupled with a Flame Thrower coil and Magnacor 8.5 wires. The Pertronix fit perfectly inside my stock dizzy and I was able to keep my tach cable. I also have a 1973 with a ballist resister wire. I ran the neg wire from the Pertonix to the coil and the pos wire to a spare terminal on the fuse box next to where the white ignition wire connects. The whole thing took less than an hour and has transformed the car! It now runs much smoother with no misfires, starting is much easier too.
Brett Evans

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