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Triumph TR6 - Ignition Wires Redux

I couldn't post to the archived 'Ignition Wires' thread, so here's a new thread on the same theme. The other day I installed some new magnecor KV 8.5 cables (at $US61, only US$10 more than the 8.0's). I held the coil wire above the Lucas 40KV coil to observe the spark and noted a definite improvement in spark enthusiasm (color, thickness, and clearance) over the replaced Lucas black wire. There was also a slight seat-of-the-pants improvement with engine startup and smoothed acceleration. Some of this improvement may have been due to running degraded Lucas wires to begin with. Time will tell if the fuel economy is affected. In my opinion, this "lifetime warranty" upgrade was worth the expense.
Rick Orthen

I have had good results with Prenco brand wires. They're packaged right here in Toronto. Approx. $25 Cdn, (approx. $15 US).

I've put the 8.0mm Magnecor wires on my '74. Also went to the Pertronix electronic ignition and regapped the plugs to .035". Car runs great. Have also removed all the EGR stuff and increased timing to about 10BTDC.

This thread was discussed on 16/08/2002

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