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Triumph TR6 - Installing a fuse for an electric fuel pump

Ive just installed a Facet electric fuel pump, via a relay, and would like to know a couple of things:

-What kind of fuse do I have to install ? ( 30 amp ? less ? )
- I would like to conect it through the oil pressure switch, but I found 3 wires conected. Which one is the positive ?
The car is a LHD 73 tr6.

Thanks in advance and excuse my english.
C Suarez

You find out if it don't run .

Sorry I don't know which wire is which. But a voltmeter will be helpful in choosing one. Your English is flawless.

Dan Masters drops by here occasionally, and I'm sure he knows the answer to all your wiring questions. He has wiring diagrams on his website...what is it?


Like Tom says go to
and on left side you will see a link to STOCK SCHEMATICS where you will find electrical diagrams for every year TR6. The answer to the colour is White/Purple is the 12V from rthe anti-run-on valve. The other wire White/Brown goes to the low oil pressure light bulb in the dash. The other wire you idea. There should only be 2 wires attached to it.
NOTE: Unfortunately the current schematics up on Dan's site are missing a few connections. In Dan's zeal to be very precise and clear...well a white wire just does not show up well against a white background. The white wire from the fuse block goes to W on the ignition and that round junction just to the right of the ignition on the schematic.
Fuse.... well you can come off the green wire side of the fuse block. This side is fused (35 AMP British rating). This line is ignition on powered (You do not want power to the fuel pump when the ignition is turned off). Connect this to W1 and C2 of the relay.W2 can go to ground and C1 is supply to the fuel pump.
Rick Crawford

Are you talking about the oil presure switch on the car? Maybe an after market switch. Big important question,is your car carbed or PI?

Thanks for your help. Now I have the pump powered after the ignition switch, but with your information, I will try to get the power from the oil pressure switch (in case of accident or even if I need to switch the car on without the engine running )

By the way, Ive installed a new fuel tank, because , following some sugestions about a product who was suposed to resurrect the old one, was a total disaster. After some incidents ( no gasoline coming to the fuel pump, the engine refusing to start ), I found big pieces of the " magic product " inside the tank, stoping the car in weird situations ( in a tunnel or with my wife beside me ).
Maybe I made something wrong ( ive followed the instructions about giving a cleaning and a derusting bath that came in the package ), or the product doesnt support modern fuels.
Now the car runs superb.
Don, the car is carburetors ( SUs).
Rick, thanks for your information.
Tom, now that my English is flawless,I will try to improve my electrical skills.
C Suarez

What is the name of the "magic product" so others are aware of it not working.
Rick Crawford

I am still confused to what you want to wire it to.!!

C has the anti run-on valve before the oil pressure switch so one in the same electrical connection. The anti run-on switch has its power killed on engine shut down so the pump will also shut down. This is a good idea:)
Rick Crawford

Now I get what he is doing. Also can install a simple roll over, accident shut off switch too.

Rick, the idea of wiring the fuel pump from the oil pressure switch comes from the package instructions.
As soon Im sure about which of the three wires is the right one, I will try it.
The name of the product for the fuel tank is " Tankcure " from ELPE. In my case was absolutely useless.

Don, I think that the switch that you mean is the one that comes with the PI cars. Could be a good solution.
Thanks for your interest.
C Suarez

C- (Hey ,how about a 1st name) Ford makes one that is very cheap and easy to use and install.

Ok Don, "C" is for Carlos.
I will check if I can get the Ford part in this area.
C Suarez

Part # 020625B

Be sure to get the pig tail with it,it's separate

I figure it was Carlos,didn't want to sound presumptuous.
If you need a pic let me know.

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