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Triumph TR6 - interior door pull

I own a 1970 model that I'll be redoing the interior on. My question is can I put the interior panel from a later model. In particular I want to put the door pulls from a later model that are in the door panel. My question is will all the door pull hardware fit my earlier doors?

The later cars had a different door frame pressing with extra metal in it to mount the pull handle on, so the answer is no, the late door pulls will not fit directly, but it isn't too difficult to modify an earlier door if you can weld.
R. Algie


This may not be what you wanted, but the pull handles from the TR4 - TR250 will fit the earlier TR6 models. The holes in the door panels are still there as a left over from earlier tooling. Anything but the *&$%^# foam door molding pull handle!
Dan Masters

Dan- I'm kinda fond of the " *&$%^#" door pulls. It gives the door a good look,until they break down. Then they are " *&$%^#" door pulls

Thanks Dan & everyone,
Will the 74 and later interior door panel hole mate up with the door pulls from the earlier TR-4?

In one of the reference books I purchased when I began my TR restoration adventure, there was text and a photograph of wooden panels or door pulls that matched the dash. These replaced the foam filled plastic that were stock on the 250 and early 6's. Might ANYONE have ANY idea who/where/etc. regarding such an item?
Doug Baker

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