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Triumph TR6 - Interior lights

I just removed my interior to paint the floor with POR15,of course the job has snowballed,the trans tunnel cover is shot,the radio has a ball of wires coming out everywhere.But anyway,thought I would fix other little problems while I wait for parts.Where are the interior light{s} located on a 74,my switch on the console does nothing,and never seen anything light up with the doors open.Also any thoughts on a modern radio{nothing fancy}that looks original.Thanks
D.M Poncia

I just went through that too. My 71 has a center console light which has never worked--I took it off and checked it, and it works fine when it gets power. The problem was in the little bullet connectors, which are about the worst design I have ever seen.

The radio on mine didn't work anyway, so out it came. Who can here a radio in a TR6 anyway? Just get the blank plate. Removing the useless radio cleared up a lot of the wires, although there are still a few unexplained.

The POR 15 on the floors looks great, by the way.

JL Bryan

I thought about blanking off the radio hole,but I think the resale value would be better with some sound,even if you can't hear it{I have the monza dual exhaust}over the noise.Still may go that route though.
D.M Poncia

lights are under just under the dash and light up the floor area

Doug Campbell

Hi Doug,thanks,I found the light on the drivers side,but no signs of one on the other side,hate to tug on the wiring too much,may loose more than I gain.Should be ready to paint the floor tomorrow.I love working on it but hate when its not driveable on a sunny day.
D.M Poncia

I only have one on the driver's side as well. I always thought the other one was missing, but perhaps that's the way they came.

Doug Campbell

There is one on the passenger side too, i think it is purple, narrow gauge. its activated by the door opening.
Bob Craske

This thread was discussed between 12/12/2005 and 17/12/2005

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