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Triumph TR6 - Is everyone hibernating?

There is a definite slowdown in the posts here, now that winter has arrived for you folks that have to deal with that. Its kind of like the football bulletin boards in February and March-seems like nobody is home.

Anyway, just because its nasty up there in the frozen hinterlands, don't be strangers--you ought to have plenty of time on your hands, but I guess you can't work much on the cars.

I had a delightful evening last night struggling with getting that little pin into the driver's door window crank. It was such a feeling of accomplishment when it went in right--now I don't have to worry about being embarassed about my handle falling off when I shut the door!

Hey Jim--high today was 74 and the low was a very chilling and frigid 58 or so, but that was around 4:00 AM. John.
JL Bryan

Hey John

Still here.

Most of us are more concerned about our handles and Knobs freezing off rather than the cars of course? Thats why Northerners wear winter boots.

Glad to hear you can now find your handle and knob without searching around on the floor for it? That's always a plus.

As one of the frozen hinterlanders and old at that. I have never thought of pinning it. You may have a great idea there? Sure saves stepping on it getting my long woolies off!

Glad to report that a sly wink and a nudge still puts my handle and knob right in place without pinning or embarassment but I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip.

Merry Christmas and or best of the Holidays John and all....:)

I'm getting new floor pans and sills from my wife via Jeff. I peeked.


Bill Brayford

Well if I lived in a place that was 75 in winter I'd shoot myself as I'm too much of a ski bum. I'v been skiing five days already up on Sunshine, Lake Louis and Whistler Mtn in British Columbia. The TR is sitting in the garage waiting for a couple of mods. Winter projects include:

1. High flow aluminum water pump impeller
2. Finned aluminum sump with splash guard
3. Roller rockers
4. Rocker Oil feed line

I might buy a spare set of rims for snow tires just to play around here in the winter to go for a drive on those nice sunny days - and there's lots of them in winter in the Calgary area.

I'm also working on a business plan for a web business that would pay experts for structured video instruction related to classic car restoration while on the other side providing web customers that product for free.

Taker easy

John P.
73 5 speed
John Parfitt

I'm sure Jim as well as the guys from the Great White North already know this, but for the benefit of the non-Canadian members...

Santa has a helper named Honky the Christmas Goose. He was spared from the dinner table by Santa who gave him the job of keeping the upper airways clear of traffic on Christmas eve.

From what Honky tells me, the there's a few things hidden around the house for Christmas that should complete the interior re-do. Of course it helps when you leave a piece of paper lying around with part numbers and descriptions on it for the wife to find...

We're still here. Sore as heck from all the shoveling, and it looks like a do-over this Sunday if the forecast holds.

If it's this cold and windy in New Jersey, Jim's goose must be stuck to the ice by now.

Don in Jersey
'74 TR6 in numberous pieces (yes, I labeled them (most of them anyway))
D Hasara

Not hibernating at all .... counting my blessings !

I decided, after reading all the threads in the archive, to drop the diff. I will take the opportunity to change the 4 rubber mountings and replace them for the poly types. I will have a careful look at my reinforced studs to see if the are still in good order.

With the diff on the floor I am tempted to change the slightly leaking oil seal on the left drive shaft. I am however no longer convinced that, without a 60 ton press, I will be able to do this without a 60 tons press at hand.

Any thoughts/advises to take the odd drops for granted or getting the job done with a specialist. What are the chances the new seal will also leak ?

E. Creyghton


Trust me on this one. You're better off with an expert when you do the seals and bearings.

I'll have you know my goose is heated.

Jim Deatsch

Jim? You like gooses? And doing seals? My goodness, winter must take a terrible toll on you poor folks.

By the way, do you know the southern expression "ya'll"? Do you know what the plural of ya'll is?
JL Bryan

"All ya'll". As in, sounds like all ya'll be freezin your rear ends off!
JL Bryan

Yeah - Thanks, John. Sure hope that thunderstorm doesn't hit with your top down...
Brent B

I dunno. Don't really need the visual of "doing seals." The cold hasn't affected us that much.

I'm scraping ice in my sleep lately. This winter weather is for the birds (specifically geese).

Don from Jersey
(slip slidin' away...)
D Hasara

A waitress approached a group of yankees sitting in a cafe in the deep south. She looked at the first one and asked "what can I get ya'll." Being a wiseguy, he asked her "do you mean just me or all of us."

With a great deal of disdain in her voice, she replied, "honey, if I'd of meant all y'all, I'd of said all y'all.

Actually, that's a misconception. "Ya'll" is never used in the singular, in spite of popular opinion to the contrary. At least I've never heard it used that way in the 45 plus years I've lived in the south.
Dan Masters


Can y'all be used to refer to a single person the size of such that he/she wouldn't fit into a TR6 without some serious frame/suspension mods? You know, the type of person requiring your camera to be set on "panoramic" so as to get the entire subject in one frame.
D Hasara

Brent there is a way of driving in a thunderstorm with the top down. I do it all the time travelling to Vancouver. Just put the pedal down and the rain shoots over the windshield and right over your head.
Works a treat on the highway but watch out for red lights.

John Parfitt

Ha! Yeah, John, I've done that more than I like to think about. Those traffic lights can get damp, though! Not the same as the feeling one gets when glancing out the window and seeing it pouring and knowing you parked with the top down.

Brent B

The reason for that 3 inch choke handle is so it will start after you scrape the ice off. After a quarter mile or so the heat comes on and it's really quite pleasant. Of course, I have the hard-top model - GT6. I drive it all winter. Lots of fun if the snow plows don't run over you.

Don Gardner

I was in sunny Port Charlotte, FL on Friday and Saturday (12/12 and 12/13) and had to turn on the AC when I was driving past Orlando and Daytona. When I got to South Carolina, it began to rain. During the trip across North Carolina, it all became ICE!!! And since North Carolina does not plow, I had to use 4 wheel drive to make it to the Virgina border (I was in my Dodge Diesel pickup). When I finally arrive home (in the northern Shenadoah Valley), I had Ice up to 2 inches thick on the mirrors and grill, and the enclosed utility trailer had up to 20 inches of ice on the fenders and front of the box!

R.C. Blair

This thread was discussed between 12/12/2003 and 17/12/2003

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