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Triumph TR6 - it is alive

well after changing the mettering and float needles it runs i am probably redo the gaskets on the bottom cause they are leaking to much fuel but it is good still does not want to start on its own i thinks the mixture and the ignition coil are next on my list, my clutch will not engage i think that adding the approiate gearbox oil will do the trick i hope i have already changed the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder so i dont know what else besides the clutch and that line from those 2 pieces another thing is that it has a little clater my mom says that is what hers sounded like and i read some where if it does not have a clatter the vavles are to tight i dont know you tell me
jon boyce
71 running TR6
jon boyce

For clutch prob. be sure that the ac tuating arm moves when you depress clutch ped. Gearbox is not related to my point of view. May be a broken release bearing. I guess it is your master and slave cyl. wich are faulty.
Cheers, JGC

Re your cluch problems: I have heard that the red plasic pipe going down to the slave cylinder if old will expand with pressure as peddle is applied. Maybe this needs changing if old. Also make sure there is zero play in both actating arms where they are pined. You do not need a lot of play to cause "no cluch". Your tranny oil has nothing to do with this. Go to the triumph web and there is an artical on this subject.
Good luck
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 27/06/1999 and 02/07/1999

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