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Triumph TR6 - It's Spring and Nothing to do....

Well even though there are still a few spots of snow and ice under the shade of some huge evergreens on my property, the sun is shining and the temperature is above zero here in Canada; time to roll out the TR6 for another driving season.

It's the first spring ever that I'v been able to remove the cover, fire the engine and get underway without any further adou such as (re-assembly of the engine, suspension, rear-end and/or any other system in the car. )

It almost felt anticlimactic - sort of like taking the Miata down to the corner store - but then the instant I layed into the pedal and lit up the big six I forgot all about the previous 200 hours of work on the car.

I think I'm just going to drive it for a while.

(Oh, I almost forgot the set of roller rockers sitting on the shelf that I'v got to install...

73 5 Speed.
John Parfitt

Hit 10C (50F) in Toronto yesterday, I had my second drive of the season. Awesome.

I did make a few improvements this winter and I can't begin to explain how good it feels. It's a whole new car, and I almost can't wait for the next repair season to start another project. I guess I have all summer to cruise around dreaming about parts and a budget.

Summer is great, driving the six is exciting, but I also love pulling her apart and fixing her up. When I finished my mc restoration, I sold it months later. No fun just driving around!! Where's the hobby/adventure in that?

This winter I installed a new dashtop, refinished the veneer dash, replaced the seatbelts, steering column bushing and put in a new wiring harness (and assorted broken switches), new firewall grommets, and a pesky bushing for the accelerator shaft. Whew. Happiness is....
Mati Holland

I too rolled the babe out yesterday. This winter I poly bushed the entire suspension, new or rebuild shocks, lowered competition springs, detailed all suspension parts and assemblies, extended the front spoiler 4", rebuilt the dizzy. In my zeal to get it right I then detailed the engine compartment, converted to synthetic lubes everywhere. Then for the piece de resistance added triple strombergs from goodparts, 16 x 7 panasports, Kumho 225-50-16's and a JVC/Alpine/Pioneer/Infinity sound system. Whew Ha!!!! 1st blast yesterday looking forward to the sun and fun.
B.R. Horne

Last nights' reality that winter has not totally gone sucks!
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Interested about your 4 inch extention to the front spoiler? I too made up a sheet metal extender last season and found that it substantially improved high speed handling. Much less air getting underneath the car causing that floaty feeling. I now have a plastics fabricator making me a permanent front spoiler/air dam out of black rubberized plastic. Interested to hear how yo did yours.
Christopher Trace

Took mine out this weekend for the first drive of the year. It was great. Think I may build Charie's wind blocker.

Do you know if a British Car show is planned for the Calgary area this summer?

Doug Campbell

Hey Doug.
Check out The Vintage Sports Car Club of Calgary (I'm a member) at for information on the September European Classic Car Show . It just gets bigger and better every year. Also consider joining the club and taking part in an activity or two. It's not strictly Triumph, however we out number all other marques.
Steve C (member)

Thanks Steve

Great Site; I've added it to my list of favorites. Looks like you guys have a lot of fun. We had one in Edmonton last June and I can't tell you when I've had a better time. Nice to be at a show where people really appreciate our cars. Aside from flood or famine I will be driving my car down for the show in September. Will also try to talk a friend of mine to come as well. He has a TR2 long door; one of the first built. Will be nice to meet you, and John if he is going.

Doug Campbell

Took my TR out today for the first time this year!
Bright and sunny but -6C with a wind chill of -15C.
Brrrrr, but it was wonderful.The looks on peoples faces are priceless. I'm sure I was their first sighting of an antique/show car of the season.
I welded on to the bottom of the frame a web of inter-
conecting 2.5" angle iron(pointy side toward the road).
Done in such a way as to triangulate all the weak spots of our frames. The frame is very stiff now and could detect no twisting of any kind when I push it
hard. Total added weight is about 30 lbs.
Now that it is all welded on and painted I realise
that I could have used a lighter gauge angle iron
and got the same effect. Another DOH!
But now when I jack the car up in the middle the door
gap remains the same.
Christopher Trace

I'll be looking forward to seeing you guys at the show this year. We could meet in Red Deer as well; the Calgary Vintage Car Club drives up there for that big show at the beginning of the year. It is apparently one of the biggest in Western Canada with all the muscle cars and sports cars comming out to play.

73 5 Speed.
John Parfitt


What's the date for the Red Deer show? Is there a website? Would be great to go to that one as well!!

Doug Campbell

Doug, I think John is refering to the Three Hills Cruise on June 5th. It is amazing. There will be over 1000 cars from all over western Canada and Northern US, from home built rods to custom, restored, big bore US muscle, trucks, kits .... the works! Oh yes, and wee Brit cars which will have the local hockey arena for a venue. See you there?
Steve Crosby
BRG 74 TR6
Steve C. (member)

That's the one - the Three Hills Cruise. I'v missed it every year for three years since joining the club because my car was never ready in June. See you guys there. I'll be the guy with crutches standing around the green TR6.

John Parfitt

The Three Hills Cruise hits on the tail end of my holiday to Victoria. Think I've got the wife talked in to coming home Friday and then heading to Three Hills early Saturday morning. I have a red Six with a British type plate on the front that reads '73 TR6'.

Doug Campbell

Here are two more events worth attending.

2004 Vancouver All British Field Meet

All Triumph Drive In 2004

I hope to get to both - Lord Lucas permitting and the creeks don't rise!!
Steve :)
Steve C (member)

This thread was discussed between 04/04/2004 and 08/04/2004

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