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Triumph TR6 - Jack Stands

Unlike John in Fl. my garage is just right to work on my car. Does anyone have a recommendation for jack stands that rise higher than normal?
Don K.

Don, check out something along these lines:

You have to think in terms of weight capacity to get the kind of height you want. These are six ton stands for trucks that get you up to 24" or almost 61 cm for the metric crowd. This is anywhere from about 5 to 8" higher than your normal automotive stand. Four of these and a long frame jack have made life much easier for me, probably would do the same for you too. Now if only my air ratchet hadn't died on me Thursday night while I had my TR6 on the stands for some rear suspension work. I had forgotten what a boon that thing was until then, as I turned all this stuff by hand. Fifteen years of use had finally taken its toll on the seating pin behind the plunger. Should have the repair parts for the ratchet early Monday or Tuesday, then I can go back to being a lazy sort.

Hey Don

TSC and any other farm type store have the 6 tons as well. If you have played under the other stuff you will realy feel comfortable.

You don't need an extended lift jack to get them up to full if your not concerned with time. Lift front and suport lift back and bridge up jack to get to full height.

Steve I can feel your pain. I think the major cause of the TR demise was fine threads. Had one genius mechanic tell me the bolt was stripped its not moving? Incredably safe though.

Bill Brayford

Don: I searched for high stands awhile back for my TR3. Here are some links for you.

Probably more than you bargained for - best of luck.

Mike G. '56 TR3
Mike Gambordella

This thread was discussed between 11/07/2004 and 12/07/2004

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