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Triumph TR6 - January in South Florida!

Go check out the picture on Charlie's site of Clive and me enjoying some sunny weather. No lie--we met for lunch on Saturday, had a nice lunch outside, with Clive's 5th grade and very beautiful daughter, and she took the picture. It was about 75 or so degrees and the cloudless sky is real. Now if he can only help get my car running right!

JL Bryan

Brr! Wish I was there. It'll be a few months before we can take pictures like that in NJ. I'm jealous!

Beautiful cars!

Don from Jersey
D Hasara

You have to admit that the Palm trees are a nice touch, too!

Today was even better-cloudless sky, high about 83. Too nice to even think about staying inside and watching football games.
JL Bryan


I thought we made it clear to you.
You are not permitted to tell how great your weather is during the winter months.

This time I forgive you as I got to enjoy 2.5 weeks of it also.
Glad to hear you and Clive got to meet. Sorry I missed you both.
Clive, let me know how your car show goes.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Hi Rick. I am dissapointed we did not get to meet ,but I have been very busy this last week with the Ferrari Cavallino event at West Palm Beach.My TR6 is sharing a workshop tonight with a 1962 250 GTO, 1958 Testa Rossa, and a 1970 512 Le Mans, I think they are comparing I will be with them at Mt Tremblant in July, would be good to meet up with you!. Clive

You name dropper you!
(Ya guys I knew he had a few prancing ponnies in his stable but figured I would leave it up to Clive to drop the name:). Ya would have been nice to meet up with you both. Glad you two got together. Nice pick with the palm trees in the background.
As that big guy out in CA would say" I'll be back".
Maybe you let me drive one of your red cars.......dream on Rick!
Mt Tremblant is about 6 hours away..kinda like driving from St Pete to Ft. Lauderdale only longer but with less aligators:)

Rick C
Rick Crawford

Clive is at a Ferrari "show" at the Breakers in Palm Beach this weekend. They have something like 150 or so Ferrari's. Apparently, it was a problem at the West Palm Beach airport using airport transfers tunbridge wells private jet terminal because Donald Trump's wedding using wedding cars tunbridge wells was this weekend too. I guess guys that own Ferrari's and people that got invited to Trump's wedding tend to also have private jets. There is neither a Ferrari nor an invite to Trump's wedding at my house!

JL Bryan

Rick Hi Sadly the (red ones) are not mine, I look after a collection here in Florida and have done for the past 5 years, we race in the US Ferrari historic championship with a few European ones thrown in, the Palm beach concourse event was a one off because it was local, these cars only look correct when being raced. That said we won the main race this weekend with the 1970 512m, I often get asked why I bother having a hobby with the TR6 but I guess its a Triumph thing Clive

Hi John -
I was supposed to go to Miami for a couple of weeks for work, but at the last moment, my boss decided he could better use my talents in the D.C. area, in the cold, wind and snow. Bummer.

I was also in Brent B's neighborhood (Memphis) in September - I had a blast each night on Beale Street. What a town!

Still hoping for a change to visit Miami.

Bob Blair

Bring your Spanish dictionary and your sweaters. People here think this weather is oppressively cold - it was 44 degrees F. this morning. Best time of all for British cars!

Bob - Coral Gables
R Schaffer

That would be interesting to see. I like watching the historical races on speed TV. Congrats on the win!
John..ya I did not get an invite either.

On another point. Was fortunate enough to be watching the speed channel when the $3,000,000 Buick was sold at the B.J. auction in Scotsdale AZ. Was a prototype from Buick in answer to the new (back in the 50s) corvette. Apparenty the seller has the other 2 prototypes.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 10/01/2005 and 30/01/2005

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