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Triumph TR6 - Just an observation....

1st, thanks to you all for my question regarding the shocks. I think I'll be staying stock for the near future.

Ok, so I've been driving the TR for about 2 weeks & I'm really impressed with the way it has been able to surprise me with a new and entirely different, shake, rattle, roll, wheeze, bump or thump EVERY day! I never knew a vehicle could offer such a wide array of new sounds for me to be worried about! Actually, I get worried when a new one appears and when an older one dissapears! I just bought it and I think the old owner had a habit of riding it hard & putting it up wet cause in addition to the big proplems there are a bunch of smaller ones that he never addressed.

Also all that being said, the wife & I went out last night & took her car. It's a 2010 Toyota Corrola. Nice car, well kept up. After 2 weeks of driving the TR, with all of it's problems, foibles, rattles, issues & much needed repairs still to be done, I am AMAZED at how much better it handles! After all those years of neglect and misuse it still out handles a modern car...drives like it's on rails, out corners the Corrola. It gives me a lot of hope for the car that it still retains its sportscar personality. I like this car more & more as each day passes....
jac clayton

I have no way of knowing what kind of condition your car is in, but most of them need suspenion work if it hasn't already been done. Just think what that'll do for your handling. It'll soften the ride maybe a little, be more predictable in corners and tighen up the steering.

rw loftus

Yeah,just got new tie rod ends but my shocks are shot. I imagine it'll get even better when they're replaced. I think I'm going to stay with stock shocks for now...
jac clayton

If you ever decide to get around to it, a lot of guy's use Apple Hydraulics in NYC for rebuilding rear levers. They seem to have a good rep. They can even revalve them for a heavy duty, stiffer action if you wanted.
rw loftus

Thanks RW, that's who I was thinking about using...
jac clayton

I was going to suggest that but i thought he said the front shocks were shot.
Also helps to use Fork oil in the shock too.


I rebuilt all my suspension and put in new bushings, bearings etc (rubber not urethane) and I still got noise. It is a characteristic of the car I believe. I think urethane bushing will give you a stiffer ride but not sure about quieter.

Glad you are enjoying the car. They are great to drive.
Michael Petryschuk

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