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Triumph TR6 - Just To Confirm, Trunk Chasis-Ground Spade

Behind the driver-side side-panel trunk trim is a chasis-ground spade that comes from the body (sim. to near the battery box firewall). I reconnected it a couple of years ago when I had the trim off for a r&r.

Just to confirm that this is proper. I do not recall there being an issue prior to the reconnection.

Also, if you can can direct me for any quick diagnositic re: draining battery. Shows ample volts when going (alt.), but drains after a couple of days. (alt.?? short??)


P Johnston

There are those who will disagree with my method but I'll share it nevertheless.

Unhook the negative battery cable (or pos, either one). Touch it to the battery terminal. If you get a spark (it will be small so watch or listen carefully) then that means you have a load against the battery.

If there is hydrogen gas nearby (by product of charging) you will have an explosion so that resolves the caveat and disclaimers. I've never had an explosion.

The battery typically gives off hydrogen when it's BEING CHARGED. If it's not being charged then it's not doing so.

Wait till the car has been sitting with the bonnet up for an hour before you do this and you will be fine.

At any rate. Assuming we have a mild spark then we must find the problem. Unplug the alternator first. See if the spark is still there. No? Replace the alternator.
Yes? Plug the alternator back in.

Now pull a fuse from a given circuit. Spark still there? No? There's your faulty circuit. Yes? Continue to the next fuse. An nauseum.


There you have it. THAT is how I discovered the faulty alternator in my car. The alt was drawing my battery down whilst sitting. It charged, but drew down when off.

The replacement is the 78-80 Ford Fiesta alternator. Bolts on. Plug compatible (assuming you have the 3 prong connector) and works DANDY!

Hope this helps,

Jim Deatsch

If the terminal is the one I'm thinking of, it is used in the Petrol Injected models to 'ground' the harness near the fuel pump which is located in the trunk behind the LH wheel arch.
My opinion is to 'ground' the harness at every opportunity anyway. A small hole and self tapping screw through all 'ground' terminals helps eliminate one of the many Lucas brainteasers!
Roger H

Would someone confirm that the version of the Ford Fiesta alternator that can be used is with an external regulator.

P Johnston

A look at the TR6 parts catalogue would lead me to believe that the alt. required needs an internal regulator. Canadain Tire lists both a Ford & Bosch version for the 78 - 80 Fiesta (with internal regulator).

Any recomendations.
P Johnston

They are internal regulator.

I have one on my 73 and have had for a year.

Jim Deatsch

sorry, do not know your name. If you connected a black wire that exits the harness then you are correct. If it is other than black you are not correct.

You also could simply have a dead battery. Dead batteries will not hold a charge at all and tend to show high Vs or As (depending on your car year) when car is running. The battery is easily tested (under a simulated load) at any place you can by a battery.

Now as an alternative and putting 2 and 2 together?? Quote:
"Just to confirm that this is proper. I do not recall there being an issue prior to the reconnection."
Do you have an issue after the connection? Are you draining your battery? Like I said, BLACK wire not green/white, green/brown, or green/red.
Rick C

Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 09/04/2004 and 10/04/2004

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