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Triumph TR6 - just wont start now

as the title says, it just wont fricken start now.

engine turns over but just won't start.

check list:
fuel from pump and in carbs, ok
electrics all appear in good order

just stumped and frustrated

any suggestions, (maybe take a vacation), don't they say "time heals everything", do you think it may work in this case?

TR4 64

are you positive the choke is operating?
Christopher Trace

Take a spark plug out and attach a plug wire to it. With the threads grounded on the block, crank the motor and see if the plug arcs. This will verify spark to the plugs.

good luck!,
Tim Brand

Do what Tim said to check the spark. If you get spark, then unless your timing has gone way out of wack, your spark should be good. Be aware - you may get a spark, but when the plug is in the head, the compression may be enough to kill the spark, if you have a weak coil.

So next, get some starting fluid and squirt it down the carbs. If you've got spart, this should cause the engine to at least run for a little. If it runs with starting fluid, you've got a fuel problem, most likely, the fuel pump or a really clogged filter.
Bob Blair

Did you just replace the points? It's possible (even easy) to ground out the low (12 volt) circuit, which means no spark. A quick check is to turn the ignition on and open the points with something plastic (or carefully with a fingernail). You should see a spark when they seperate. Ask me how I know...

74 TR-6
63 TR-4
Jeff Fetner

Check out Jeff's address. Maybe it is to friggin cold. I don't start well in cold temps.

Hey guys, took a short break until this upcoming weekend(away on business) but seeing as how I completly retored this car(body off) anything could have happened upon reassembly.

Will check that choke, sometimes it is as simple as that and hey Jeff...Bahgdad? I guess your a military man, hat's off to you, if so stay safe, hurry up and get back...were all proud.


Yes Dino - I was in Hawaii with my TR-6 but the Air Force sent me here to make sure all the cargo flights get where they're suppposed to. Thanks to the internet, I can still keep up on the Triumph action (don't tell the Army...)
Anyway, a break in the wire that supplies 12 volts to the coil and then from the one that goes from the coil to the back of the distributor. The wire can break inside the insulation - I've had this happen twice.

Jeff Fetner

This thread was discussed between 13/02/2005 and 15/02/2005

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