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Triumph TR6 - Knocking sound

I'm not sure what I've got. Just recently when I'm making a left turn and shifting from 1st to 2nd, I get single knocking (somethings loose) sound, Sound is coming from under the passenger floor area, in front of the passenger seat. Gear box mount? body mount? Any ideas? Thanks.

M VandenBos

Could it be the exhaust?
EC Smith

I was thinking in terms of engine mounts. The exhaust comment ties in with that, even more so if you are running headers instead of a stock manifold. If you are running headers, there is very little clearance between the frame rail and the header. The slightest bit of engine mount collapse and you are looking at the headers hitting the frame rail. Also note that the later twin downpipe setup of the later carb motored TR6s and all of the PI TR5/TR6s, while better can still bang around when the mounts are iffy.

This thread was discussed on 11/06/2007

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