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Triumph TR6 - Lamp covers

A shopping question to all,
Does anyone know where I could get a set of road lamp covers? I remember padded chequered vinyl slip on covers that were a universal fit for rectangular CIBIE type lamps. Are they available anymore? I would like to protect a set of vintage Auteroche Iode, 4x7 inch road lights.
Thanks, Steve
Steve Crosby

If you end up not finding them premade, an upholsterer could do you whatever.

I agree with Tom. Any shop that does vinyl work. Even the checkered padded stuff. Heck, there have been a few on this BBS that have done vinyl work....can not be that difficult.

Rick C
Rick Crawford

I found a set for my Lucas driving lamps on e-bay, they are blue with LUCAS name/lion on them and pretty well match original lucas covers from the 60's

the site name to search on is


Bob Craske

This thread was discussed between 01/08/2005 and 02/08/2005

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