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Triumph TR6 - Laycock plate

Hello TR friends, Ive got a question that maybe you can answer.
I cant find a new original Laycock clutch disk, and I want to keep the Laycock plate.I read that is much better than the Borg & Beck that I could get from Moss or Rimmers.
There are some workshops that can recondition my disk, changing the abrasive material.
Is this viable? .
This people do this for lots of cars, and they say that is a normal proces and that it works OK.
Thanks in advance, and excuse any mistake in my english.

As far as I know all the top TR parts suppliers like TRGB, Revington and TRBitz in the UK will do a Laycock service exchange unit. I also bought a NOS Laycock cover on Ebay last year, they appear from time to time and genarally sell for about 50/60.
There is also a very good book [in English only as far as I know] called 'How to Restore Triumph TR5/250 & TR6 by Roger Williams, lots of good information in it for new owners and restorers.
R. Algie

Thanks again, Ron. Ive sent an enquiry to TRGB.
Ive already this book ( and several more ), they take more space than the car itself. Each time I fasten a bolt, I browse through all the literature, taking me ages. Im doing a body off , engine off, everything off restoration. If you like I can send you some pictures.
Regards, and happy new year to you and the rest of TR6 world.
C Suarez

This thread was discussed between 30/12/2004 and 31/12/2004

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