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Triumph TR6 - LBC kick butt

U tube find

Excellent !
Eric de Lange

enjoyed that! don't know what it proves, maybe that the older cars are way cooler than the newer homogenous car of today.
c.a.e. emenhiser

Experience beats youthful good looks everytime!
Sid Turner

The version I remember is:

"Wisdom and treachery can overcome youth and exuberance."

I think that was the motto of the SCCA drivers who belonged to the "second half century" club (titled in French of course for effect!), when they turned 50.
Leonard G Middleton

"Wisdom and treachery can overcome youth and exuberance."

I bet this was in latin before it was in french, probably greek before that...probably etched in a wall somewhere...maybe on the inside of a few beer caps ( I digress)
c.a.e. emenhiser

I think I've told the story of the time I was waiting in the '6 at the last set of lights before the open highway. The light turned green. First gear to the redline, perfect shift to second, the exhaust bellowing and the velocity of the wind through my hair increasing at an alarming rate. Then the guy behind me in a Honda minivan gets tired of waiting and pulls out and passes.

But it doesn't matter. I got more pure enjoyment out of those few seconds than anyone will get out of a minivan in a lifetime.

It makes one wonder, though, whether the kids with their rice rockets will be able to relive their youth with one when they are in the second half of their century.

Tony Koschinsky

No particularly cerebral insight here - just really liked the video and it proves that raw power is not always the answer. Reminds me of the time I took on a SS396 Chevelle in my '67 TR4A on a hundred mile chase over our 1970's twisty, one-lane Trans Canada Highway here in Nfld. Being a crazy bugger back then I took him on. He blew my doors off on the straights but I regained it on the turns, of which there were many more of than straights. I was well into sipping my Guinness when he finally pulled in to the pub in his "supercar" and said, "Jeez, what kind of engine you got in that little beast, a big V-8"? I smugly replied, "it's a sort of high performance, 4 cylinder farm tractor engine belching out an incredible 104 raw, British horsepower". He left!

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

Well for me that footage was very surprising. If I was a betting lets just say I would have thought those four wheeled stero's would have smoked our vintage LBC. I am proud to now know that new tech is more about show and not go.

Before we twist our arms too much by trying to pat ourselves on the back, I think that the weather conditions and resulting road surface helped the LBC team.

A ton of horsepower and not beaing able to put it done, negates the advantage.

Wet weather always was and remains a great equalizeer in racing with great disparity in hoursepower.
Leonard G Middleton

I disagree. All racing fans and experts know its all about the tires in wet weather. Have another look at footage that Peugeot had some wide series grippers. They should have won in the wet.


Even with great tires, the wet is going to limit the amount of horsepower (torque actually) that you are going to be able to put down to the road. Yes tire tread and compund will make a big difference, but the wet will negate some of the horsepower difference.

While I am a racing fan, I will not claim to be a racing expert, but having been out on a track (Gimli) with a Spridget (AH Sprite / MG Midget) with a locked differential on slicks in the wet, I can confirm the wide tires were no benefit in reducing hydroplaning. I have done car rallies on ice and snow, and it did not seem to compare to running slicks in the wet. In all fairness, they were old slicks at the time (worked well in the dry)and we are talking about events over 25 years ago (technology changes, but not physics).

But even today, a wet GP race changes the status quo.

My thoughts and opinions, be they right or wrong,

Leonard G Middleton

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