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Triumph TR6 - left rear wheel bearing

Hi guys:
A friend of mine has a TR6 and he has been getting Quotes of $500.00 to supply and install a new left rear wheel bearing and around $300.00 to supply a used hub and bearing assembly.
Me and my '58 TR3A may come from a simpler time but to replace mine I just remove the hub and half shaft go to a machine shop,get the hub pressed off,install a new bearing and it's done.
Can someone explain wherein lies the problem with a TR6?

Chuck The TR6 of course has independent rear suspension.To replace bearings, you must remove the hub assembly from the trailing arm and the car. Thats the easy part. Then the wheel hub (drive flange assembly) must be pressed from the hub housing. I had mine on a 20 ton press pinned out. When the hub let go, I thought the press had exploded. Then both bearings have to be pressed off the axle shaft. There is quite a bit of work involved and tolerances must be met. The parts are not that expensive but labor and having the right tools will add up. $500.00CDN for a job done right with some guarantee might be worth it.
B. Towne

Chuck-The problem lies with the pressure required to seperate the hub from the axle and that the hub is probably flimsier than the TR3. If you take the hub to a generic machine shop to be pressed off the axle, the flange will end up being taco shaped. The factory tool has a very thick plate that is bolted to the flange to support it. There is a vendor called "Axleworks" in North Carolina that rebuilds the hubs for $175 and seems to have a lot of satisfied customers. Perhaps someone has there website or email.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Chuck- Check a price from TRF. They did mine and now is a great time to do it as I don't think it is roadster time in On.

just to elaborate on what Berry said, make sure your friend doesn't take the hub to just any shop.
The perfect shop would have lots of Brit cars in the bays and a head mechanic in his 50's. That hub is very easy to wreck.
Christopher Trace

"That hub is very easy to wreck"

Amen to that! I have two wrecked hubs in my junk bin right now where the previous owner of the parts car I bought tried to press them off using the "normal" press techniques. "Taco shaped" pretty well describes them. They must be pressed off using the right tool.
Dan Masters

Chuck-The axleworks has an ad on the VTR site under "TR6 parts". The price for rebuilding a TR6 hub is $165 and come with a 1 year/12000 mile warranty.
Anybody tried adding a grease fitting to the hubs?
Berry Price
BTP Price

Chuck and all others,
I tried rebuilding both of my rear axles. I destroyed one and was succesful with the other. I bought a used one and tried to get it apart to repack or replace the bearings. I again could not seperate the hub from the axle. I used Axleworks to rebuild what I couldn't and was extreemly pleased with the product. I have a set of tools and jigs I made to hold the axles while rebuilding. After the satisfaction with Axleworks I'm more than happy to pass these tools on to whoever wants them.
Joe Justice
Joe Justice

I must be very lucky as I have rebuilt both rear wheel bearing hub assemblys on my 1975 TR6 with not to much problem.
Not knowing I needed special tools or a large press I heated up the cast part of the hub with a hand held propane torch as hot as I could get it ( not red hot). then proceeded to try and drive them apart with protection for threads etc. At first I did not succeed but after time out for a pop, I tried one more time and after a couple of hits it sprung apart! Same for second one, heat, wait to cool awhile then it just popped apart with out too much force.Replaced bearings and seals in both with a small home built press,this has been done about 2000 miles ago and is working fine.
I set all specs to the British Lealand repair manual.
Guess by the sounds of it I was very lucky!!
Les McGaw

Les-Maybe you are just lucky or impact works better than pressure. Out of frustration, I once used a sledge hammer to seperate some hubs that weren't responding to a torch and press. The same problem exists with getting the flanges off from the inner axles.
BTP Price

After getting the hubs rebuilt PROFESSIONALY by a LBC "I know this stuff inside out and backwards" shop remember that attaching the hub back to the trailing arm is a "caution" point. See current thread "How many ft lbs".
Rick C

You might give Fred a call at British Auto Sport for a recomendation here in Ontariario.
Rick Crawford

Forgot to mention: all NEW nylocks ofcourse.
Rick Crawford

Hi Guys:
Thanks for the education on TR6 hubs.My TR6 pal will be going to Myrtle Beach in a month or so and he will bring his hub to Axelworks for exchange.

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