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Triumph TR6 - Les G. & others needing good parts car. Nice frame


I think you could use this parts car. Actually anybody with a seriously rusted project could use this.

Tom C. I know your probably too far along in your project but look at the frame on this. Looks great.

Ebay link:

HP Henry Patterson

Hi Henry,
This car was on Ebay a while back because I bid on the fenders, I could have easily driven down to MD to pick them up. After the guy sold the fenders off the car,he decided to stop parting it out and wanted to start restoring it just after he sold off the best part of the car. I wanted him to cut out the battery box and the passenger side floor pan but he stopped stripping the car by that time.
Beware of the frame, the car was hit on the right and knocked the front wheel out of alignment.
My new frame is perfect and will be sent to the blasters after I get the suspension off the car.
I am hoping to get the body off sometime this winter, I have been travelling way too much.
Tom C


Small world. I was thinking of you too when I saw this. Didn't know about the hit though. From a rust point of view the frame looked pretty solid.

Why would somebody sell the fenders and then decide to restore the car?? Strange!

It sounds like you'll have a fine car.

How about some more pic's when you get a little farther along.

HP Henry Patterson

This thread was discussed on 28/09/2006

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