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Triumph TR6 - Lever Shocks vs Tele shocks

I am about to rebuild the rear suspension of the '74 TR6 and I am interested in hearing your comments regarding rebuilding or converting the existing shocks to telescopic units.
Thanks in advance.
Kevin at

I have done that conversion (home made) for my B-GT. It was very easy and improve a lot road behavior as I used gas shock. I intend to do that for my '75 TR6 and I am confident that the wobbling rear will be over. I found that front 122S Volvo shock will be a fine selection (bayonnet type) and what you will need its a welder and angle-iron and few bits.

I just brought my '74 TR6, it's had little use in the last 5 years and handling was abysmal. It had SPAX body mounted tubes in the rear, BUT, one was frozen. Switched to Koni front and rear. Expensive, $78.00 a piece, but found some interesting data. The Koni shock that fits the rear(dual bayonet, and right length) is #80-2167, and was originally made for a Ford Pinto. The good thing about that is that you can now go find alternative shocks such as Monroe if you don't want the fully adjustable Koni or Spax. If you do go with Koni, try SF Motorsport in Kernersville, NC, for the best price (no financial interest) Front shocks are #80-1784. Also, change your trailing arm bushings, I went with the Propane ones from TRF.
Charlie Gates;

This thread was discussed between 25/10/1999 and 30/12/1999

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