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Triumph TR6 - LH floor panel

Need to know if there is a written procedure to replace the LH floor panel.I guess you don't need to be a rocket scientific to do it...any tips?
Angel L. Traverso

Hey Angel

To do this properly you will need a fair number of tools. Do you have them.

Die grinder or at least an angle grinder.

A cutting torch sure won't hurt.

Mig Welder.

Lots of patience. :)

This url is to Daves sight he is working on a 4A same floors though so check it out and get back with any questions.

Let me know
Bill Brayford

Hola Bill, thanks for the usefull information, have most of the tools needed, except the mig welder but can have access to one at any time...Dave's URL is handy to have...
Angel L. Traverso


I will also be replacing the floor of my 69 TR6 in the next few months. I would suggest that you do it with the body on the frame for proper alignment. This is probably the case for you right now as I guess you do not have it frame off. At present I have my body sitting on a wooden frame while I rebuild the frame and suspension. Lots of welding.

Have fun


Mike Petryschuk
Michael P. the obsessed TR6 rebuilder

This thread was discussed between 05/01/2003 and 11/01/2003

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