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Triumph TR6 - listing to port

I just completed a rebuild of the front and rear suspension. Installed new springs front and rear, poly bushings all around, tie rods, sway bar links, and ball joints sourced from BPNW. Dropped the car and found that the drivers side is one inch lower than the passenger side in both the front and rear. Had not noticed before. Any suggestions?
75 TR6

Ashley--Did you tighten the trailing arm bolts while the car was suspended? If so, raise it again, loosen the TA bolts and lower the car. Then tighten the bolts. This is a long shot, but may be your problem.

I also presume you have the springs in their proper location (front on front, rear on rear).

Rick O.
72 TR6
Rick Orthen

I am sure I have the springs oriented properly. I did torque the trailing arms with the car in the air. Found that tidbit in the archives this morning. Plan to loosen and retorque this evening with two people in the car. Wish me luck.

I just replaced all bushings in rear and front with poly..torqued whilst on the stands and when lowered both sides were the same height.hope this helps
Charlie Ballard

Eager to drive the car and see what had become of my work, I drove about ten miles. Things have settled down to the point that there is only about an 1/8th of inch difference between the sides. Close enough I say.
Thanks guys,

This thread was discussed between 15/04/2004 and 16/04/2004

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