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Triumph TR6 - looking for a good manual for 76 tr6

I am looking for a manual with very good illustrations. I
am just starting to rebuild a 1976 TR6 and will need something
as guide to show me how to take apart and put back together
Jim Burg

Haynes manual was good and cheap but a rare find. The best is the workshop manual (R.Bentley) sold at Roadster factory or at Classic motorbook or at
Cheers' JGC

Thanks for the info.

Have you heard of this book? I found it at

"The Complete Official Triumph Tr6 and Tr250, Model Years
1967-1976 : Comprising the Official Driver's Handbook, Workshop
Manual" by British Leyland Motors;

Yes, the " Complete Official TR6" is good. The works Parts Catalogue is packed with detailed exploded drawings, and gives info on year changes. My local parts supplier- since 1976- sell it. Contact John or Mark at:
Haynes manual is adequate for basics, but you have to put up with novelties such as the PI metering unit timing drawing being printed upside down.
Peter Cobbold

Hi Jim

Another good publication is The Roadster Factory's 2 volumn spare parts catalogues. The good part is they are free. the bad part, if you wish, is no pricing. still it shows all the parts particular to every year. Also (since you are going to have to re-morgage your home) chech out the prices from supplier that advertises at top of this Bulletin Board. His prices are about 15% lower than Moss and you can search a part from him using Moss catalogue part numbers. Have fun Rick
Rick Crawford

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