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Triumph TR6 - Loss of the Triumph Tone

Not a question, just a tale of how stupid one can be. I shouldn't admit to this but this is all confidental 'Right' - Yea right. Anyhow just finished a total engine rebuild this winter on my 73 TR6 and started it for the first time a couple of nights ago. Expecting great things -- shaved the head .120 & bored out .040. Started up OK but had an exhaust leak between the manifold and exhaust pipe (funny I had checked the surfaces). Ran good but didn't sound right. Took it for a short drive; it was OK but didn't seem to have the power it should; and worst of all that wonderful Triumph exhaust tone was gone. It sounded like any other car. Well after spending almost $4000.00 on parts and machining I expected more. So next day I went to fix the exhaust leak (thought I would try double gasketing it). Guess what, I had put the gasket in turned 90 degrees, blocking at least 75% of the pipes. I guess the engineers didn't feel it neccesary to design the bolts out of square because nobody could be that stupid. What a difference, the tone was back and it's going to be very hard to keep the revs down until it's broken in.
D.W. Campbell

Hey - we all have our "oops". I'm glad you it wasn't something more serious. Drive on.
Brent B

You hav'nt lived till you've done one of those. Bet you won't do it twice. Congrats for figuring it out - it is easy to say 'I could'nt have done THAT' Peter G
Peter G

This thread was discussed between 09/04/2003 and 10/04/2003

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