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Triumph TR6 - Low Speed Miss

My 72 TR6 with electronic ignition (and a new coil)has a couple of problems; well actually is has more than a couple but to keep this simple:

1) a low speed (1100 - 1600 RPM) miss, also misses at high RPM (>4800). This high speed miss is not always present. Plug wires ??

2) a KM from my house is a hill that my car barely makes it up in the morning when it is cold. The missing feels like a fuel problem and corrects itself a KM later on the flats. (new fuel filter). Any thoughts??
Mike Strong


I had a similar problem with a bad miss at low rpms. Above about 2000 rpm it was fine but below that, some of the cylinders wern't firing.

I replaced plug wires, spark plugs, fuel filter, topped up the dashpots, torqued down the head, intake and exhaust manifolds.

After doing the above, the car ran perfect. Not very scientific in the sense that I don't really know which of the above solved the problem as I did it all at once. But it worked.

John Parfitt

Mike--Replace your distributor cap. Worked for me.
Rick Orthen

If none of the above remedies does the trick, try advancing your timing (see archive for a good discussion). That's what finally worked best for me.
Karl Prager

Thanks for the advice. I will try the cap next.
Mike Strong

This thread was discussed between 24/05/2002 and 02/07/2002

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