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Triumph TR6 - Lubricating Ball Joints & Trunnions

Hi Folks

I installed the upper ball joints on the front suspemsion, the new ones are sealed do I need to install grease nippless if so what size?

My question on the trunnions is should I use 1/3 (trunnion full) gear oil? or should I use white lithium grease?

Many thanks and happy new year motoring.

lw gilholme

For over 30 years I just gave mine a shot of lithium grease each spring. Only when I was doing research in preparation for a suspension rebuild did I discover that it was oil that I should have been using.

That said, when I dismantled the trunnions during the rebuild, they were in perfect condition. I tend to think either lubricant would be fine as long as it is replenished regularly.

Tony (shivering in Saskatchewan)
A. J. Koschinsky

When I re-did mine I used 90 weight gear oil as recommended by Triumph, though some have found theirs to be full of grease.

Charlie B.


This tale may be apocryphal, but I understand that the trunnion, being made of softer material than the vertical link, is to be considered sacrificial in this situation. Therefore it is expected that, despite the lubricant, some of the trunnion will be worn away. Some of this wear will result in grit being generated. If the trunnion is lubricated with grease then the grit will turn the grease into grinding paste with the obvious consequences. If however hypoy oil is used then the grit will fall through the oil to the bottom of the trunnion awaiting removal at the next major suspension service.

But with the mileages we now do in the cars, even my 7k per year, it is unlikely that any effect would be seen before the next time I get the tinkering bug and strip the suspension down “just to check”!!!


T Sharp

Thanks Tony,Charlie & Tim

Now its the oil for the trunnion.

How about an answer on the ball joints? Should I fit a nipple or not?


lw gilholme

If the ball joints came with a grease fitting (threaded hole) then install it. Grease fittings are a standart size but I would get the 45* angled ones to make "greasing" easier.
It is becoming popular to make life time greased "joints" and do not have even the hole to thread in a grease fitting.
The upper ball joints are not that difficult to replace anyway.
Rick Crawford

If you are going to oil your trunnions and have them out and in hand, you may need to run a bead of epoxy along the steel dish pressed into the bottom. When I replaced mine years ago, I first applied the 90w oil and found it slowly leaked out the bottom of the trunnion. Unfortunately I did not realize this until my whole front suspension was re-installed. Therefore I pumped some grease in there to hold off until I tear it part down the road.

My upper ball joints came with grease fitting installed from TRF. 45⁰. Check 'em out.
Doug Baker

Hi Les I tried to install grease nipples in the new upper ball joints when I was restoring the car and there isn't enough space to install the grease nipple between the metal cap and the piece inside cost me a ball joint to find this out! Regards John
John O'Meara

This thread was discussed between 02/01/2008 and 24/01/2008

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