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Triumph TR6 - Magnificent Spring ride, and then........

Okay, here's the latest.
74 degrees in Minneapolis today, went out for one of the most wonderful hours ever, and then "clank."
All of a sudden, no clutch; drove home in first gear and had a look underneath.
The piston in the clutch slave cylinder had popped all the way out of the end of the cylinder and was stuck out over the lip of the end of the cylinder. I tried to manually push it back in but everything was locked up tight.
So, I disassembled everything, removed the slave, all parts seemed to be in order, then I reassembled everything and bled the system.
Started her up and the first time I tried to shift, "clank," the same da#* thing happened again.
Disassembled, had another look. Everything in the slave and master looks just right.
Could I have built up too much pressure somehow in the clutch hydraulics? Or did something happen with the tranny so there was no more resistance from the clutch operating lever?
Anyone else had this particular experience?

no (as he looks up and says thank-you) this has not happend to me. It does sound like your clutch got real easy to move. Can you move the clutch operating shaft assembly (slave attacment point) by hand or with a short pipe over it for leverage? Maybe you have a sheared taper pin or sheared fork pins. With no resistance to the hydraulic pressure from the master and slave then yes the rod would pop out. Not a good thing for your first real outing of the year Keith. Look on the bright least u got her home.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Keith--Ready to pull the gearbox? My condolences.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Do you agree that we're talking fork pins or taper pin?

Hope the weather will be nice when you pull the gearbox and that you have a free full weekend, if not be prepared to crack open your wallet.

Sounds like the classic 'sheared clutch fork pin', one of 2 weakest links in the TR6

Go back to the archieves in this site for discussion on bad clutch operation as I made some good points on this weak part and some modifications that are well worth it.

By the way if you never have done the job, the only way out for the tranny is up through the passenger side of the car and make sure you support the engine at the back.

My condolences, the job is not difficult, just a pain in the ass and time consuming

exact thing happened to me two summers ago. it was the taper pin.
Michael Parkhill

Steven, you mentioned this as one of the 2 weakest links on a TR6? What is the other weakest link?
Ignatius Rigor

Keith - I just re-did the clutch slave cylinder in my TR3A and there is a circular clip that is the last thing you put in when re-building a slave cylinder. This clip is set into a recessed groove and is there to keep the piston from coming all the way out.

Check yours. Maybe with time and corrosion, the recessed groove inside the open end has "dissolved". Maybe the PO didn't put the retaining clip back in the last time he did it.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott


The second weakest link on the TR6 is the rear diff mount studs., another pain in the ass repair that costs $$$

the electrical system by Lucas is a given so this is not out of the usual (though I never had electrical problems with my TR)

Keith-Before removing the trans., eliminate the possible causes other than the fork pin. As Rick C. suggested, operate the clutch lever with a short pipe or adj. wrench. If the pin is broken, you should be able to feel it. Also, if the slave cyl. has been removed, make sure it has been installed with the bracket on the engine side and the slave cyl. "ears" on the rear side. Also, make sure the fluid is able to return to the master cyl.-push on the slave cyl. piston, it should be possible to push the piston to the bottom of the bore, although it could cause the fluid to overflow if the resevoir is full. I don't think you will find a circlip on the TR6 slave cyl.

Good points to check from Berry. Although I assume that you did not remove the bracket and this this 'accident' happened out of the blue after previous miles of fine driving.

The slave on the 6 does not have a circ clip...sorry Don. Cost elimination from BL?

This thread was discussed between 15/04/2002 and 16/04/2002

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