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Triumph TR6 - Manifold coating

I am planning to reinstall the stock cast iron exhaust manifold on my TR4a, (this is a duplicate post as the "6" board is busier!)
I want to keep it clean and if possible reduce heat loss, but without an expensive ceramic coating.I would like something better than silver paint!
Any ideas, and leads for where to get this done in the Toronto area would be appreciated.
Thanks, Simon.

Simon-Ceramic is the way to go. You can use special heat paints but I found them to be nice at first but in the long run a waste of money and time.

Simon...check with Hirsch Automotive...they have a cast grey paint that works great...they make high quality paints
Chip Collingwood

Simon you could look at the POR15 manifold paint I havent got to my manifolds yet but the primer and chassis paint are really nice. the guy at stevens auto says it works well see the POR15 thread for phone and email regards john
jh omeara

Eastwood makes a coating for cast iron exhaust manifolds that works very well and lasts - so far in my case three years without discolouration. Hi Heat Spray paints are a waste of time.

John Parfitt

John- I just did get my Eastwood Mag yesterday and I saw the 4 coatings they sell. Eastwood seems to me a decent Co. and would think they wouldn't sell junk. The thought for me was, I think I coated 2 manifolds in the last 5 years a 71 and a 73 and I think I paid about $70 apiece for them. It depends on how and what material you want.

This thread was discussed between 08/04/2005 and 09/04/2005

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