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Triumph TR6 - Maybe the dumbest move yet

Hello all,
The body came off the frame today, it wasn't easy. My wife and 2 teenage kids did it. Next time I will get 4 adult guys to help. We didn't drop the body but came damn near close. I saw almost a years worth of new sills and floor pans bite the dust.
Anyway, I am making progress and will be done of the cancer clean up when I finish the battery tray and rear valance.
Here are some a pics of the body shell ready for launch on it's perch.

Now that the body is off - surprise! Rotten trailing arm tubes, broken diff pin and tons of crud. Good news is there is a new frame in the wings ready to go.
Tom C

Looking good Tom. Keep us posted with your progress and pics. Great to see guys doing their own panel work. It makes the car yours.... of course with the family lifting the car there may be a challenge as to who has how many shares in it when things are completed. I must admit to having my wife and daughters assist in a similar task recently with the body shell.

I hope to take a few pics of mine if the weather ever gets decent.... rain, rain, rain. I just built and installed a stainless exhaust system and am about ready to flash up the motor for the first time..... then the body can go back on. SO dang exciting :p

Cheers, Rob
Rob Gibbs

Hi Tom,
Some great news there about the repairs being underway.

In these days of weight minimising and light weight this and carbon fibre that it can be a surprise to find a car actually made of a decent amount of metal !

Thanks for the pics as well.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

Some cool pics that definitely bring back identical memories. I remember the day very clearly putting the tub back on the frame. After a few wabbly pop and plan of attack thinking, the tub was on within a minute. Keep at her....there IS light at the end of the tunnel.
Is that paint code 96 I see?
Rick Crawford

Hi Rick,
We have identical cars. It is paint code 98 which I intend on keeping but I am changing the interior from blue to black. I have all the interior pannels to make new templates and my daughter will help sew up some new vinyl pieces.
Tom C

Hey Tom looks good! Been there done that twice now.
Your in the best part right now, she's going to be something else! Just keep going.

Thanks Chris - Sorry Rick, its 96 not 98
Tom C

This thread was discussed between 07/04/2007 and 09/04/2007

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