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Triumph TR6 - Me again-clunk sound

ok guys, Ive been researching for the past hour on the possibilty of the clunk sound. No dice yet so Im here. When I go over a bump, I hear a "clunk" sound from the back left wheel. I have discovered that the suspension is not what I thought it was.(yes, Im used to tubes) so this "lever shock" shock in the back, they need to be filled with oil? ive never dealt with these before. Thanks guys
SBF Fitzgerald

Yes they need oil...that is the damper side just like in a normal shock absorber.

There is a small bolt on top of the shock that is removed. That is the fill hole. Use a light oil. Not sure the spec as I am not at home and do not have my books in front of me. Straight 20 or 30 weight I think.

Rick Crawford

SBF... can you disconnect the TA link from the lever shock arm (with all due caution if under load) and see if you have resistance as with any oil filled shock? You might also check your TA bushings, spring pads, and TA mount brackets. There's a "rebound" rubber and bump rubber in there too to stop the car from bottoming out depending on your year.

My lever shocks leaked so I converted to tube shocks (from BPNW) versus having the old "dampers" rebuilt. Also did coils and bushes at the same time. Big improvement to ride and no more TR6 squat.

Ken Shaddock

SBF-The usual culprit of the clunk when going over a bump is a loose shock mounting bolt. Just being slightly loosness will cause a major clunk. I put a back up or jam nut on mine to prevent them from working loose.
BTP Price


I guess the best way to check a shock is to bounce the rear of the car up and down. You should get one only rebound.

Rick Crawford

Harley Fork Oil for the shock

This thread was discussed between 02/09/2010 and 03/09/2010

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