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Hello All,
A couple of weeks ago there was some comments about being able to post photos of our cars on the thread. So I got to thinking and realised it's should not be that hard to do so after a few hours of playing around I've created a BBS site for us all to share photo of our cars, projects and anything that a photo would help in. I can set it up with one page for cars, another for projects / tips etc.
I'm new to this webpage thing so any comments are on the e-mail link ..
I'm sure the page and layout will change as I is the link.
Charlie Ballard

Charlie, thanks for your efforts. I will try to get some pics this week of my efi supercharger project posted as I have received help from this list on it. Special thanks to Peter Cubbold.
Gene Holtzclaw

Charlie - Would TR3A photos be acceptable ?

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3
Don Elliott

No problem Don !! Looking forward to them.
Charlie Ballard


Like your plates !
The system in NL is so ridged; plates will be allocated to you. You will get the next number in the range. Vowels are prohibited to avoid 3 or 4 letter words. Nu fun at all.

E. Creyghton

Well done Charlie. The baby is in your mailbox.

I love the plate, well done indeed.

Jim (Goosed)
Jim Deatsch

Wow this idea turned out to a hit !!!
thx guys
I've improved it again hahaha 3 more cars to add e-mail server is spinning!!
Charlie Ballard

Charlie, thanks so much. We need more pictures!
JL Bryan

Gorgeous cars - and many thanks for the work you did to develop this site!

(I get to take credit for the ideal!!!)

R.C. Blair

Well done Charlie, its good to see the car that goes with the name.
R. Algie

Congratulations to Charlie on a nice website, and to all of us on a nice-looking bunch of cars!
I am really hoping Don Hasara took his pictures at a dealer; if not that's a heck of a collection!
Simon, in awe of the Garage Mahal.
Simon Rasmussen


What kind of wheels are those? Nice man!
John Parfitt

Simon, Photos were taken at Wilson Motors in St. Louis.
D Hasara

Top job Chaz!!!!

- Hey guys one thing seems to be missing though (and it's not the hair or teeth!)
We need some life in the photos......c'mon.....
lets put a face to the text we've been replying too for all these months.....or hey..... maybe we are getting a bit self-conscious in our old age??


(I will if you will)

PS I have not yet submitted a pic as I am desperately trying to figure out how to put one of my wedding using wedding cars tunbridge wells photos into the latest digital snap of the TR.........hmmmm..scanner..scissors..Adobe photoshop ...ah what the hell I'll just take one tomorrow!
Roger H

Thanks Roger..
My picture is there !! I'm slowly losing hair and I've lost some teeth faster !!..can you spell DENTURE!!!hahha
Charlie Ballard


It won't work. Your picture will be upside down!

I'll loan you a northern hemisphere copy of PS

Jim ()
Jim Deatsch

Ok Guys,

Once Charlie gets a nice collection I'll grab the pics from him and create a screen saver with all our pictures in it. THE CARS not our fugly mugs. <G>

I'll post it,hidden, on my website and everyone in the group can download it. No commercial application, just for us.

It's gonna be a couple meg I'm sure, but if you're broadband then it won't be an issue.

How's that?

Jim (and a goose in a pear tree)
Jim Deatsch

The wheels are Revolution Alloys, made in the UK. Revolution USA in Phoenix sells 'em, but shop Rimmer before you buy. I don't remember what Rick paid for his, but the price they quoted from Rimmer saved me nearly $300, even after shipping.
Charlie: Very cool, and again Merry Christmas! (and happy moToRing!!!!)

Rod Nichols


You gotta work the goose into the screensaver!

D Hasara

Don, Don, Don,

don't you think that's already covered?

Snickering here. HEY JOHN, you ever seen a goose driving a TR6?

Jim (everybody better be VERY nice to me lest they get 'goosed')
Jim Deatsch

Ok, here's the deal on the screen saver guys.

I'll take the liberty of removing any other vehicles in the background of your pic (Don, can you get me a pic outside the shop so there's not so many other cars in the backround?) so as to clean things up a bit and make us look more like the pros we are. <G>

I'll cut it off in the middle of January or so if that's ok with everyone and do the first 'release' of the screen saver. If we get a bunch of additional cars after that then I'll do another one.

Jim (looking for JUST the right goose)
Jim Deatsch


Was going to e-mail you but decided to put it here instead.
Your sight is beyond fantastic!
What a Christmas present for all concerned.
Bill Brayford

Thanks to you and everyone for those kind words..we are up to 17 cars now....I know there is more out there so let's see them !!
Charlie Ballard


I'll see what I can do, but it's in pieces now. Of which part would you like a photo of?

D Hasara


hmmmmmm, the bonnet, we'll put it on the goose. <insert huge grin here>

Jim Deatsch

Looks like we'll need to wait till the new year to admire our cars again!!
R. Algie

I'll think Charlie shuts down his server at night. We Europeans have to wait till he wakes up. App. 2.00 p.m. (8.00 am in the USA)

Eric de Lange

Nope - the server's down until January from what I saw. Traffic exceeded the monthly allotment. Someone's probably going to want more $$ from Charlie.....
Brent B

Charlie, Great job along with the screen saver this is a tremendous thing. Finally puts a face (so to speak) to all of us here on this site.
Regards and Holiday Greetings to all,
Keith Dixon

I'm working on the server thing..stupid rules !!
Charlie Ballard

Not much I can do till Jan 1...It's a free service based on e-mail accounts so I can't really complain..I'll need to downsize the pictures though I didn't think they were that large and trim

this is what they sent me..

"We are sending you this e-mail message to inform you that your WebSpace usage has reached 100% of the monthly 300 MB traffic allowance. As a result, your WebSpace accounts have been automatically disabled for the remainder of the calendar month. They will be
reactivated at the start of the next calendar month."

As Arnold sez....'I'LL BE BACK"
Charlie Ballard

Wish I could help you but unfortunatly I know plenty about old cars but very little about computers.
R. Algie

Go away to FL for a week and 1/2 and this BBS has changed. It appears I can not send my pic (with me in it) till next year. I await Jan 1st.
Charlie, it sounds like you have won the prize along with Jim.
VERY well done Charlie nad Jim.
Best of the season to all
Rick C
Rick Crawford

THAT will teach you to go to Florida and leave the rest of us up here envying you.

THAT'S the punishment, agreed? <G>

Jim (shivering)
Jim Deatsch

Rick, you were down here? You don't call, you don't write! And, you picked the coldest spell we have had this season. But, hope springs eternal. Its back up in the mid 70's today. God, I love saying that 2 days before Christmas! John
JL Bryan

You have mail.
It was not that bad...had my shorts on. Unfortunately did not see and gooses:) lots of Dolphins though. Do not be to envious guys...this was NOT a holiday.
Jim..Reality struck home while driving back through Erie PA to your lovely State and Buffalo...simply, the driving conditions where not nice. Ya goota love that lake effect.
The very best to all
Rick C

PS Charlie, you have mail (also).
Rick Crawford

Charlie - I see that your photos are available again.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A, Montreal
Don Elliott

Thanks...I'll work on it this week-end and add the new photo's...
Charlie Ballard

Hello All,
The site is back up and running with some improvements..I've linked to a couple of more webspaces (behind the scene) so it gives me more space and less chance of too many visits shutting it down.
I've started a TIP section so any helpfull ideas and photos you might like to share let me know.
All those who submitted car pix I believe I have shown them all..If I missed anyone let me know.

Charlie Ballard

This thread was discussed between 16/12/2003 and 04/01/2004

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