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Triumph TR6 - Merry Christmas to all.

Wishing one and all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

Anyone who likes Triumphs is a friend of mine. Happy Holidays and safe motoring to you all!

And from sunny North Ontario a safe and happy Christmas season ( I am not politically correct).
The best of the new year to all.
Rick C
'71 TR6
Rick Crawford

May your stocking be filled with TR6 parts! A meaningful Christmas to you all from the Deep South!

'73 TR6
Mike Calhoun

T'was the night before Christmas
And out in the shop
A jolly old man got in with a hop.
He took off his gloves
And grabbed onto the wheel
As he said to himself
I'll bet this one will squeel!

His foot pushed the clutch
Right down to the floor
His hand did the gears, one through to four.
Then he got out and gazed
At the paint and the chrome
The wheels and the lines
The markings from ore 'om

This must be a good one
He said to himself
As soon as I get home
I must tell all elfs.
The reindeer must go
The sleigh I will nix
Cause next year Santa comes
In a red TR6

Merry Christmas to all

Pete (white TR6)
Pete Russell

That was great Pete!

Happy Holidays everyone.
Tim Brand

Does it have a V8 in it?
Rick Crawford

Merry Christmas!

May your stockings be filled with a butt load of ZDDP.

HP Henry Patterson

May each of you have a Blessed Christmas this year! Remember the reason for the celebration!

JL Bryan

Pete, good color choice!
Rick, you bet it has a V8, Santa does have to get around quickly you know.
Have a wonderful Christmas guys! ( I must be politically incorret and sexist) and a Happy New Year!
Christopher Trace

For our Northern Hemisphere friends

May your Christmas be merry and may the winter be short so you can get back on the road with the 6.

For our Southern Hemisphere friends

May your Christmas be merry and your season be long for the same reason.

And here's hoping those TR6 parts I asked Santa for show up under the tree.

Have a safe and happy holiday

Mike Petryschuk
Michael S. Petryschuk

Merry Christmas & a Happy TR6 New Year to all from the far East (of Canada). I'll be making a trip to the garage Christmas morning to have a wee drink with the TR and show her all the goodies I bought us for her new engine for Christmas. Can't wait til the wife sees the Visa statement!

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

I guess it is only appropriate that since this thread started in OZ, that I go ahead and put in for next Christmas early with a request to those in OZ.

Just got up from a meal and thought I would take a little time to post while the clean up was in progress. The meal included roast of beast, Yorkshire pudding, Tequila-Lime cranberry relish along some fowl and other assorted dishes. All of it washed down with a sparkling Shiraz from OZ that we struggled to find as we just knew it would be the perfect accompaniment.

So here it is, folks in OZ either please make more of those sparking Shiraz' from various sources available to us here in NA or stop drinking almost all of it yourself. I first had a sparkling Shiraz about a dozen years ago while I was in California and would bring some back with me on the plane at every trip until a combination of the TSA said no to bottles of wine on the plane/a limited number available locally stopped the practice.

Thanks for indulging me in this request and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.



Sounds like Shir-OZ is your very favorite! Maybe they should market it that way. They do make rather excellent wine don't they?

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

It's not so much that Shiraz/Syrah is my favorite as much as the folks in OZ seem to be almost the only ones that have figured out that you can use the Methode Champenoise with a red wine. And I am here to tell you that a red wine that has bubbles in it works very well with certain meals. There is one outfit in Washington state that has also figured this out from what I understand, but finding their stuff locally is even more difficult than finding the stuff from OZ.

There are any number of white wine grape based Methode Champenoise bottles available and a good number of pink ones too, but red is a bit of an outlyer in NA. If you want to try something surprising, check out the stuff from Laurent Gruett in New Mexico. Yes, you read it correctly, New Mexico. He is of the Laurent-Perrier bunch and wanted to start a winery in this country, but was priced out of California. From what I understand they took over a closed winery that had made sacremental wine for the Catholic church and went from there. I keep hoping that he extends into reds since his whites and pinks are rather nice.


If it ain't French.
It ain't BUBBLY!!

Don, you are denying yourself some good stuff then. There are a number of excellent Cavas from Spain, Spumante from Italy, other regional sparkling wines from France, then there is South Africa, Australia, California, Oregon, lots of other places, even your own home state where excellent sparkling wines are produced using the Methode Champenoise. Remember, we are talking about a specific technique, not a legal definition of product and terroire that limits itself to a specific region of France and a limited number of domains.

I would like to modify my original request though, congratulations to Shane Warne on his record achievement. As a consequence of that, I can readily understand if there just might be an extra amount of the red bubbly stuff consumed.

Sorry Steve ,I am a bit of a snob when it comes to my Bubbly. I have had a couple of "alright"" sparkling ones from Ca, but for some reason I have always preferred a nice French Vintage. Just last night I had to pull out a nice Jose Michel-vintage 96 to share with some friends.

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