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Triumph TR6 - mk 6577 gearbox

hi i was wondering if anyone here can help me i recently bought a gearbox,it was sold to me as a stag replacement gearbox as i am converting mine from auto to manual,i have since found out that it isnt a stag box,it has the clutch operating fork on the left hand not the right and the stamp on the box is mk 6577, it has a j type overdrive and the main shaft spline is much smaller than a stag this a tr6 gearbox?
ja thomas


My gearbox from my 69 TR6 starts with CD. It has the A style OD. Later models had the J type. I don't know if the gearboxes in later models had a different stamp designation.

A picture might help if you can post.
Michael Petryschuk

JA Contact mew at

JA - According to this list the gearbox is from a Triumph 2500. Whatever that is.
Brent B

thanks for your help guys, looks like i was caught for 300.00 sterling as the gearbox isnt worth anything bought on ebay as a stag box and the seller wont even reply....oh well you learn by your mistakes eh!
ja thomas


If this box is from a Triumph 2500 it will fit the Stag.
However you will have to change the input shaft to one that will match up to a Stag flywheel. Also check that it has the thicker mounting flange on the bell housing. Now for the Clutch cross shaft, just remove it and re-insert it on the opposite side to put your lever on the correct side. Alternatively you could sell the gearbox as it will fit a TR6 and there are plenty of people out there wanting an overdrive box for their TR6. Who knows you might even make a profit.
C J Norcott

I'd say sell it if you can get the correct one

This thread was discussed on 01/05/2011

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