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Triumph TR6 - Moderate Improvements

As the third clutch was being installed, the thrust washer problem was identified. Seizing the opportunity, I requested that my mechanic put somne zip into the car, without sacrificing reliablity.

They have recommended a .003 re-bore, shaving the head, beefed up head springs, a 150-Hp cam, a lightened flywheel, balancing, electronic ignition and a header. The option of HS6, or weber, is open.

I trust my shop with my daughter. Is there something else I should be pursuing for zip and reliability, given the the engine is currently broken down? I am assuming a new crank is part of this.

E Martin

Have them shot peen the rods and install new bolts.
I'd try a Goodparts triple manifold myself.
Headers are a PITA with these cars.
Some port work on the head sure can help with some bigger valves, but that can get pricey.

have fun!
Tim Brand

This thread was discussed on 24/01/2005

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