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Triumph TR6 - modernizing rear shock absorbers

I am considering installing modern shocks in the rear of my TR6. Has anyone done so and it worth the time and money in terms of performance improvement? Also, I had a wobble coming from the front? at 50mph and up. Rotated the tires and now does it at 56 mph up. TR6 has traditionally sat in one spot all winter. Have not tried the balancing route yet.

I got some rebuilt rear shocks from Apple Hydraulics and then improved the valving to match my stiff springs. It worked very well for me. I'm not sure going aftermarket with tube shocks is the way to go - some people have had a lot of problems.

The wobble you're feeling in the front end could be because your tires have sat for so long and have "flat spots". If you go out for a long drive and get them heated up, they should smooth out. Of course there could be other things going on like lost weights, wheel bearing issues, etc....

Tim Brand

I've ordered the heavy duty verison of the lever shock from Apple Hydraulics,that only costed $10. extra each. They work well with uprated springs.


There are MANY tales of woe from those who have done the 'modern shock' "upgrade".

As Paddy suggests, Apple has some fine pieces.

Jim Deatsch

I look at the various bracket set ups for the tube shock conversions and see convoluted load paths, load paths into stuff that was never intended be a load path, etc. The only tube shock set up out there that looks decent to me is Neil Revington's coil over set up out of the UK. To me, unless you plan on parting with the requisite quid to go that route you are better off sticking with the lever shocks mentioned above.

I am convinced to stay with original equipment. Not interested in creating problems unnecessary. Thanks all for the feedback. Shawn 1974 TR6.

Do not, I repeat, do not install the KYB Tube shock conversion. Just a terrible shock with very poor rebound control. That's the reason so many are selling on ebay - guys try it and then remove it from the car.

However, I you do the more expensive conversion with the Koni's - now you'll have an improvement.

I like the idea of the upgraded lever arms too.

John Parfitt
73 5 Speed.
John Parfitt

Hi guys,
Installed KYB tube shock conversion over three years
ago and absolutely no problems, in fact it rides and handles fine.
What are these woes?
Christopher Trace

Hey....I'll side with Chris. Great improvement on ride and handling. Only problem I had was I didn't get 'em torqued down during installation, got a pretty good thump with every bump I went over. Read thru the archives, found a posting by Don E. about tightening the shocks to 110%. No problem-o! (and thanks Don for the tip!)

Rod Nichols

I agree about the tube shock conversion not presenting any problems. I purchased the kit available from Moss along with the basic shocks. The only problem I have experienced was with one of the brackets loosening. I concluded that I had not torqued it down enough. That was easily fixed and the car has run great ever since. Great cornering and no bottoming out. I will probably spring for Koni's next year for added performance. I am also curious about the problems others have experience with this conversion. Is there a string in the archives on that?
Mark Hauck

The conversion kit is well designed. My complaint is with the KYB shocks. In my opinion they have terrible rebound control at speed over undulating surfaces. Car just keeps bouncing. For example, Koni shocks are used as original equipment on Ferrari's, Lamborghini's etc. You don't see KYB's as original equipment on any of those high performance cars. KYB's are just cheap equipment for the masses.

My 2 cents.

JOhn Parfitt
73 5 Speed.
John Parfitt

Regarding what John said, with the Armstrong shocks, you can adjust your rebound and dampening, unlike the KYB's. Here is a link to how I did it

Tim Brand

Hi there,

I changed from standard to a convercion with British Spax. They are working very good and you can change the damping with a srewdriver form undrneath the car.(Koni's (a Dutch product)you have to bild out before you can change it. Over here a lot are rebuilt the rear to tub shocks.

Hans Oostmeijer

I recently saw a conversion with a rocker system that mounted the shock horizontally. I think they used a lever from the original shock, too. But I'm not sure the shock will function the same that way. It was cool lookin' tho.

Why no reponse from the guys with the supposed horror stories about making the conversion?
Mark Hauck

I saw one, but don't remember where that had the rear shock inside the rear spring.

This thread was discussed between 24/07/2004 and 22/08/2004

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