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Triumph TR6 - Monza exhaust

I installed a Monza dual exhaust system on my '75 TR6. At the same time I installed a free-flow header and a collector with 2 outlets. This allows using the 2 stock intermediate pipes and then attaching them to the Monza pipes. The problem is that where the pipes leave the collector they are hitting the passenger side floor pan. I'm afraid that the floor pan will get too hot. Does anyone have an idea if I did the installation incorrectly?

Doug DeCarli

Hello Doug,

If the header is Monza it is normal that it is not and easy fit. The only solution is to bring it to a muffler shop and ask them to lower the outlet side by 1/2". With a TR6 as it is a 4 bolt fit you could not miss.
Cheers, J.G.Catford

This thread was discussed between 04/05/2000 and 10/05/2000

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