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Triumph TR6 - monza exhaust

Hi all, been an avid reader of Triumph bbs great
site. I just had a Monza exhaust system installed on my 76 6 and I'm not sure I like all the noise, now I knew that it would be somewhat louder but it's quite a bit louder. My question is, has anyone ever cut out the two front small glass pack and installed a muffler in there place? I like the look of the four pipes out the back but if I can't get used to the sound I'm affraid they're going to be history.

Thanks Marten

Hi Marten,

My car came with a home made Monza look a like muffler system. Like you I really like the four tips look but just can't stand the noise of the flow through system. Plus I seem to be getting a lot of muffler exhaust backdraft into the cockpit.

I've ordered a complete new SS Stock system and I am just awaiting some of the hanger parts to be able to install it on my car.

S Demers

I also have a Monza exhaust, and it was loud.I had them cut out the two resonators and put in two new heavy duty ones. It cut the loud drone at highway speeds and is now only loud when you really step on it in 1st and 2nd.
B.J. Wolfer

Put a few miles on your new exhaust before cutting anything out. The black soot that builds up in your new exhaust muffles the harshness giving you a deep, throaty resonant sound.


The monza after a year was still noisy. I replaced the 2 front glasspack with red bullet glasspack and it ipvroved things. When replacement times came I bought an ANSA, better quality but still a bit noisy. I finally opted for a SS Stebro, the best choice. But you must have in mind that a free-flow in noiser than a reg.exhaust system.


J. G. Catford

This thread was discussed between 07/08/2006 and 11/08/2006

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