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Triumph TR6 - monza exhaust system

I am looking for information from anyone that has converted their '72 tr6 to the monza exhaust system sold by trf. I cann't see where the pipes route though for the double pipe system. If this goes under the frame members ( between the frame and the road) that will really decrease the ground clearance. thanks for any advice dave

Way back in 1975, my '73 TR6 needed a new muffler, as the old one rusted and cracked at the inlet. I purchased the Monza system, and other than typical fitting adjustments, it installed just fine. The '72 should be a single pipe system from the header to the muffler('73 was a dual pipe from the header to the muffler). The pipes installed in the same location as the factory pipes - between the frame rails and the breast plates. If the system you are looking at is the same I purchased in '75, it should have a muffler that installs between the frame rails. The pieces visible at the back end (ie-mufflers) are actually called resonators. When I had installed only the muffler, I had to run an errand - it was VERY loud, but was much quieter when the resonators were installed.
Anyway, the system should install in the same location as the factory pipes - not underneath the frame.

Also, you need to keep the chrome tips clean - the chrome corroded quickly on mine.

Hope this helps. (For the record - I have a factory-type system today - but will return to a stainless Monza type system during the current restoration.)

Thanks for the help Bob,
Now I wonder if there has been a change on my car because it has a two pipe system starting at the manifold. the current sale catolog from the roadster factory page 19 shows and tells of a two pipe system for a 72 Looks like a lot of stuff to fit in a small area. dave

My 72 has the 2 pipe system. I replaced it about a year ago and can remember real well that far back. I also just had it out to replace the differential mounts.
When I replaced mine I went for the stock system as I wanted the original sound. If I was to do it again I think I would use the stainless outfit. I rode in one with the Monza and found it to be too loud. That can happen after you reach a certain age.
Joe Justice
Joe Justice

Most 72's have dual pipe, I think some early ones have a singe pipe, if it really matters.
Adam Wilhite

It would seem that I stand corrected.
Perchance was I confused by the number of carbs.
Anyway - the header would determine whether it is a dual pipe system.

This thread was discussed on 03/12/2002

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