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Triumph TR6 - More Ebay

This one kinda made me sit back a little:

Nice car!!!!!
Rod Nichols

I saw this car at the TRF summer party last year, it is just as lovely as he says it is. It's too bad,
unless he finds that one of akind buyer he never get anywhere near what he invested. Someone is going to get an amazing car for cheap.
Christopher Trace

Yes it is a very nice looking Triumph. Appraisal value and what you actually get are 2 different animals. I would think he has at least 25 into it. It is too bad he has to sell it. I am sure there is a little heart and sole in her.
I disagree with the owner(seller) on one thing. It is NOT a 100 point car.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I'd like to know if anyone was impressed by all the tire smoke. It turned me off, not that I could afford the toy.

The tire smoke is a good thing....scares off all the rice rockets!!! Kinda like mosquito abatement!?!?
Rod Nichols

Interesting, if you check the dates of the frame pics, the dates don't jibe with the progress of the frame. It is a nice toy though.
Don K.

When was the last time you saw a British car like ours
play that long time favorite American muscle car game;
Spin them till they smoke? He's just showing that there
is a little HP to spare. Having similar HP to spare
myself I have to admit I never spin my own tires.
Good rubber costs way too much to send up in smoke,
but I sure like when others do it.

It might not be a 100 point car in the purist sense
but it sure is a 100 proof car. This guy really spent
a lot of time and a lot of spondulicks to get it right.
He graffed a TR4 hood bubble on to the TR6 hood and it's perfect job, looks great. Then to cover the
cut and paste he inserted a highly polished sheet of
stainless steel that covers the entire inside of the hood.( where you wax and buff) The reflection of the engine is terrific. I saw this car three times that weekend and it always had a crowd around it, and being
a TRF event these were all British car guys.
Christopher Trace

My 2 cents

If I had the money I would buy this car!

Printed most of the extra pictures. Man is an expert welder fitter with craftmanship and inventiveness rarely found. As a Grandfather who survived the balance of cars and family. I feel very bad for all involved.

Rick a 100 pointer can be OE or custom. That car with a redone bumper and a once over would do better at a Barret Jackson sale. With documented work log he should get 30K up. Much more than a 100 point stocker.

A near perfect OE 1932 ford coupe will get about 25K Can. A near perfect 32 deuce custom rod will bring 125K and way up.

Craftmanship and one of a kind seems to win with the fellas that have lots of loose change? Hanging around with people who can afford any car makes it hard to have something different.

Tom smoking the tires is easy. Pour a mix of Javex and water into a parking lot low area. Back in. Block the front tires a bit. Winder up and dump the clutch. Picture perfect smoke show. You notice the picture smoke is white? Its a blast not a turn off. Very little rubber was hurt.

I have an old 78 GM longbox redone shop fun truck. Brakes biased to front discs slammed on at rest. Little Edelbrock help under the hood. I love scaring the hell out of rice rockets warming the tires at the lights. Yep the pipes are loud. But the rubber smoke is blue.

Smokem if you gottem. Every Mil of rubber adds a year to your life.


Bill Brayford

Begs the question I have not heard a sensible answer to...........

When the car tyres wear, where does the rubber go??

May sound like a dumb question but have a think.

Tyres weigh (say) 12lbs new. Throw them away and they weigh (say) 10lbs. That's 8lbs per car, per (say) 3 years or 40,000 miles.

Look at it another way: for every 4 million cars, there is 1000lbs of rubber lost PER MILE!

I don't see it. It's not on the road or the roads would be built up in rubber. It's not on the side of the road in the gutters as the chips that you see off the racing line at a track are. Does it vapourise directly from the tyre?

A big shift from the topic I know, but while we're 'smokin' it, any ideas?

Try not to lose any sleep over this one!!

R ;-)
Roger H

and then there's the 18 wheeler semi transport trucks.
With the amount of vehicles we have in North America you would think there would be drifts and dunes of tire dust by the side of the turnpike. I've been mulling this one over for years and have asked a couple of friends of mine that teach science and are suppose to be smart. Basicly they said that the natural rubber products break down from sun, rain and wind, and the rest of it that doesn't get washed to the nearest lake or ocean we are breathing it in.
Christopher Trace

I would have thought a 100point car would have a radiator shroud! It wouldnt last long in the summer down here!.
Clive Parker

You won't find me doing it. This pic shows the tach at redline or a bit above.

It's cool, just not me. Like driving down the street in reverse or something. OK, I've done that, hehe.

We should contact him to offer to buy it cheap. He can buy it back (we'd take good care of it) after the divorce. Why let the ex have half of all that work?!

The city sandblasted the stripes off of a street nearby, and the surface around the cleaned area is tire-colored. So some of the rubber from our tires ends up stuck to the road surface.

Bill, I agree. If I didn't have two kids in college I would seriously consider buying this thing. Let's face it, he's accomplished what most of us dream of. He's built a 6 that appears mostly stock (why mess with a beautiful design?)and given it what we all wish we had; more power. I think it's gorgeous. BTW, Tom, life is short. Live a ittle. Rev your engine. Smoke your tires. You can't take 'em with you...

Jim Vandenberg

Chris and Bill
When someone says he has a 100 point car he is refereing to : If I put my car in a concours (judged) event, then I will get 100 point out of 100 points...meaning the car just came off the production line. Simply, he is lying..this is NOT a 100 points car. That was the only point I was trying to make. Yes it is deffinitely 100 proof! I could see myself going down the road in it.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

"The car has all new chrome, but the chromer did not do a good job on the rear center bumper section. It has a small crack on the left side, other than that this car is a 100 point show car."

TR6 OE 100 point original is not stated and by the pictures is not inferred Rick?

Bloody nice go fast in style TR6 that will win shows and blow the doors off the competition street or racing is.

Take 5 Camaros in perfect shape to a car show. Add one Yenko dealer modified. Guess who wins overall?

Thanks for coming boys now lets go drool on that Yenko.

The deal is it may not be a 100 point TR6 but just from pics and info it looks like a 100 point car!

Bill Brayford

Jim, believe me, I rev the engine. I'm just jealous about the tire smoke, I guess. And the lack of sense involved in the stress this puts on the drivetrain. And I don't think it helped tempt buyers of a car in this price range. A dyno chart would prove the point much better. It would be hard to feel sorry for him when the car goes home on the hook. How often do you do this? I don't think I'll be on my deathbed wishing I woulda burned the tires off in the parking lot. Flame away, I asked for it....

One of the reasons I feel funny about this is a story from quite a few years ago. My friend was powerbraking his Cuda out on a country asphalt road. We were barely moving, the tires were squealing, leaving a black line for almost a mile before giving it up. When he let off the brakes, there was a new thumping sound. We had been squealing the locked left front tire all that time, wearing a flat spot almost all the way through that tire! It was funny to me, he wasn't so amused. But we did laugh everytime we went by that record black line..

If you read thru the text, the modifications to this car are not just eye candy! With the 300ZX limited slip diff, everything else got beefed up around it. The whole car was done right, and I'm with Bill, if I had the money, I'd buy it. I'd probably get in trouble, though.....the temptation would not only be there, it would be SCREAMING at me!!!! Problem is, I would listen! Still a nice car, even through the tire smoke!

Rod Nichols


"TR6 OE 100 point original is not stated and by the pictures is not inferred Rick?"

Sorry to disagree Bill but I think it is inferred. The ONLY time you are concerned about getting 100 points is at a "judged" event. It could be that the person who wrote the text (who is not the owner) is just making a point that this is a "perfect" car and he is 100% correct. I am being technical on his "choice" of statement.
Me thinks I led you into a (another?) debate. Yes that TR6 will win shows no doubt about it..they will not be Concours shows though.

Yenko and the COPO plan was for one thing....the drag strip. It goes back to race on Sunday..sell on Monday. Bill who WOULDN'T want to own one of those '69-'70 sleepers? The only purpose was to burn the tyres off of them and get to the end of the 1/4 the fastest. The COPO (and Yenko) cars where not the ones comming out of the factory (and the dealer modified) "for the masses" . Yes the COPOs came out of the factory but I would think just the dealers got them. The 396 Aluminium block added $4000 to the price tag alone!...That alone was about the price tag for the "masses" version off the show room floor! The 427 was in the Camaro the year before but then GM (COPO) put in the 396 the next year. One would have thought this is stepping backwards...not so. The 396 was 300 pounds lighter than the 427. Bill you compare a Camaro to a Yenko. Carry that one step further and compare a Yenko to a know who wins on that one. Sorry got a little carried away there.

Tom, definitely no flaming to you. I agree. The TR6 was just not designed (or meant) to have the tyres go up in smoke. It is kinda like taking the Caddy or Lincoln out and burning the tyres off of it...just not cool!
" And I don't think it helped tempt buyers of a car in this price range"...Right on Tom and I add in this class of car.

Yes if I was filthy rich I would have this car in my stable. The person who buys this TR6 will have braging rights that he can smoke'em no problem...sorry will not impress me. One little-ity-bitty point that he will not have braging rights to is....I restored it myself. Need I say more?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

You guys are making my brain spin!
Don K.

Okay Richard the gloves are off..:)

Now pay heed to your elder!

Tom give me any car? 5 gallons of water and a 2 buck jug of bleach on a parking lot with a hollow. I will give you a rattled Hyundi doing a "white" burnout. Smoke and mirrors grandstanding nothing more. Doesn't even hurt the tires never mind the drive train unless you leave them in the bleach too long. As for the tack with the Goodparts cam etc. I would imagine his redline is well above standard.

Rick 100 point grading is not exclusive to concours cars. Rods are judged often using the 100 point grading system. 100 point car only means it was judged to be 100 percent of a criterion that was set out as a perfect standard. In this case a custom TR6. Google 100 point and you get over 26 million hits. Blows that theory out of the water don't it?

As for your point "I restored it myself"?

Fella states the car was built by British Automotive Design. Then he says he has built many. Here's the best part! I didn't build this car for a customer I built it for myself. Aha the seller guy is British Automotive Design and the builder. Ain't it amazing what you can learn if you listen to your elders Richard?

Now be a good lad and fetch me my pipe and slippers and a wee dram of that good single malt you brought? For the elders wisdom.

Yes Brent it's going to be a very long winter!


Bill Brayford

My disclaimer

Just in case someone decides to try the bleach burnout. Do it on an empty parking lot with lots of room. If tires hook up you will move foreward very very fast. There are tricks to everything so it is not advised!
Bill Brayford

OK, you buncha wusses! Who's gonna agree that the guy shouldn"t lose his car and then give half the money he gets to his ex?? Granted, the car is probably the reason for the divorce.......

"You guys are making my brain spin!
Don K. "


After the UPS truck drops off at your house Wednesday, your brain will get a good workout!

A very enjoyable workout, though.
Dan Masters


"I listed this for my good friend who restores these cars. Please cal him, Tom at 517-414-3818 Thank you"
You are correct Bill, this is what threw me off on the owner(seller) bit.
Bill, my mind is stuck on the word CONCOURS as far as 100 points is concerned.
I re-state: "Yes that TR6 will win shows no doubt about it..they will not be Concours shows though."
Also: "If I put my car in a concours (judged) event, then I will get 100 point out of 100 points..."

I have never been to a Hot rod judged event where 100 points is the deal to win so I am not familiar with this. With this in mind I was ONLY referening to CONCOURS events for 100 points.
"Sorry to disagree Bill but I think it is inferred" With what you say about hot rod events and 100 points then my statement is in error and I appologize to you.

Where the heck did you leave your slippers and pipe or have you forgotten?
As for the single malt, sorry, I drank it all reading 26 million hits.

Ha Bill, just curious...what colour are you going to do your interiour in?....Black? (sorry Bill just had to ask:)

OK enough of this stuff!!
Tom...he should have just given her the house!

Rick C
Rick Crawford

Dan -Looking forward to it!

Oh now Richard your going against my religion! Black is an exceptional colour/color. And yes I may paint the interior black.

For those unaware black auto paint is the cheapest to purchase. Yep I'm as tight as a drum. And I'm very religous about it.

Out of 4 cars 3 are black and 1 is Indigo Blue..: Daily drivers are diesels. Just makes good sense.

Not that a young fella driving Lincolns and chugging good single malt sipping whiskey would ever understand? I will work on the lad guys have faith..:)

Elder Bill

Bill Brayford

As you cars (do) look better in the shade.

Thanks for the lesson pops:)

When I come down to your shop for the winter BBS gig, I will bring you a wee help you keep the blood flowing:)
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Such a discussion of single malts here, I must share with y'all that this Thursday evening, 1800 sharp the end of year tasting of our "Wee Dram Society" will be sampling the following rare and rarer found malts: 21 y/o 80 Proof MOSSTOWIE; 24 y/o 92 Proof BALBLAIR; 30 y/o 112.4 Proof ROYAL LOCHNAGER and a 27 y/o 111.2 Proof INCHGOWER. Should any of you LBC afficionados happen to find yourselves in the neighborhood any third Thursday of odd numbered months, you've invited to participate in great fellowship and greater scotch.
Doug Baker

are you a paitriot or not? I went through my Canadian
Rye whisky faze when I was 16 (it was all our parents had) In my late 20's I found scotch and I remember it fondly. Then I spent a couple months in Tenn. USofA
and ever since Bourbon has been the necter of choice.
Makers Mark, Dickel, Wild Turkey and the finest I've tasted Wild Turkeys Rare Bird, barrel proof and extrodinary! I think American whiskey is the undiscovered country so to speak and I 'm happy it is
cause as soon as everyone realizes how terrific it is
the price is going to go up. If I find myself in Alabama anytime soon I'll stop by with some Rare Bird and convert you back to your homeland.
Christopher Trace

Patriot indeed, I am. An American for 14 generations and born and bred in Tennessee a few hollers West of Lynchburg. As a teenager, a few of us would borrow someone's pickup truck, pool our pennies for gas and go over the hills to Jack Daniels where in those days you could buy a used cask for about $1.00 a piece. pour in a gallon or so of pure spring water right out of the creek at the distillery, stopper up the bung holes and let 'er roll about in the bed of the pickup for the trip home...then you pour out about a gallon or so of about 20 proof whisky drawn out of the wood by the hydroscopic action!!

By college I had discovered scotch though and grain whisky never appealed again. While I lived in Europe in the late 70's I became acquainted with Single Malts (Glenlivet for $4,00/bottle)and blends have never been the same since.

I've had a bottle of Jack Daniels Black Label in my bar at home for over 20 years because the long ago frequent guest who preferred it moved to another part of the county. My wife finally made a cake with part of it, but the rest remains for whoever would prefer corn whisky. For me, the malted barley says it all.

Opps sorry to get off LBCs, but then, they do motor about in Scotland, don't they:)
Doug Baker

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