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Triumph TR6 - More Electrical Gremlins

Here's my latest electric gremlins on my 71 TR6. When I used the heater, I blew the fuse that is on the circuit with the turn signals, gas gauge, temp gauge, etc. I replaced it. Today, the gas and temp gauges seemed to register when the amp meter showed the alternator to be discharging, but they didn't work when it was charging. So, while running, no gas guage, no temp gauge, no turn signals and presumably nothing else on that circuit. But at idle, at stop lights, etc., the gauges would slowly start to return to life. My guesses--voltage regulator, a short somewhere, or a problem with the charging system.

Any suggestions? Thanks, John from sunny, warm, beautiful this time of year South Florida.
JL Bryan

My first thought in your case is a bad ground...because you replaced the fuse and things seem to work (if not properly.) This fuse also controls your wipers and brake lights so it would be good to fix this one soon.
I would start with the heater ground first since it was the one that blew the fuse. When the gauges start to work does the heater fan work ??
Also with the ignition on check for voltage at the easiest things first...wiper motor, turn signal flasher then the hardest..heater switch and gauges and check all grounding
Charlie Ballard

Thanks, Charlie. The heater wasn't on yesterday when this developed. I was on my way home from work, and noticed the two gauges, then that the turn signals weren't working. But at stop lights, the gauges would start to creep back up, although the turn signals never worked. I didn't have a chance to check the fuse yet, but I'm guessing it's okay or nothing on that circuit would work at all. Very weird. By the way, last week, before this problem, I ordered Dan Masters' book on the electrical systems and am waiting for it to arrive. John.
JL Bryan

Charlie, I did replace the fuse. And, I unhooked the lead to the fan motor switch, just to be careful as I don't need heat but I do not brake lights and turn signals. After disconnecting that lead (temporarily, I'll fix it!), things seemed okay, but then I noticed the 2 gauges on that circuit would occasionally quit working and then come back. The fuse didn't blow. Is that an intermittant short or a voltage regulator?

Also, when I check for "shorts", what exactly am I looking for? I do have a voltmeter and know how to use it, but lets say I isolate the heater circuit--what do I then look for? Thanks, John
JL Bryan

This thread was discussed between 30/01/2004 and 02/02/2004

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