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Triumph TR6 - Moss exhaust choices

I need new exhaust. The Monza/Pacesetter system is I have is either blown out, or the tone was so bad (and loud) at the beginning that it was worthless. I've had the car a couple of months and its now in pretty good shape except the exhaust and some body panel alignment. My question is, has anyone bought either of the exhaust systems for sale on page A18 of Moss's latest TR6 0502 catalog? There is a sport system with an Ansa looking tip on a pair of long black mufflers, and a stainless stell system with two long straight mufflers and long straight back single tailpipes from each SS muffler. These are in the color pages section and both look like they may be a little quieter than mine. (I have a '75 with dual pipes). I don't believe that my Pacesetter system is normal, because it sounds really raw, like someone knocked out any baffling or packing. (I have the Monza/Pacesetter system with two glasspacks, two mufflers, exiting to 4 resonated tips.) I've got to get this off the car, I hate it and want that nice warm tone that so many TR6's have.
Kent Bracken


I've got a Falcon stainless and am very pleased with it. Throaty sound and you can still carry on a conversation as long as you don't get on it when talking. That's how you drown her out!

Don from Jersey
Don from Jersey


In past my TR6 had a pacesetter and the sound was horrible. I agree with Don to go to falcon SS. I also tried an ANSA free-flow and it was a good system but more loud than original. I now have a STEBRO SS, very good but very expensive.


J. G. Catford

Is there anybody on earth that likes the Monza system?The price makes it tempting.
jrl John Lacy

I have it on my car. It was not difficult to install although some of the brackets needed a little persuasion. I think it sounds great when you are kickin the car in the ass, but I recently did a road trip and...well I am thinking about toning it down a bit with some different mufflers on it. I bought mine for around 230.00 from ebay. It seemed like a good deal at the time. I think that Moss had the SS exhaust on sale for around the same $$. Knowing what I know now I might go with the SS exhaust.
S.M. Stephano

Is the falcon SS system a free flow? Does it use the old horizontal muffler at the rear? What are the exit tips like? I'm interested in tweaking the car a little... I have a mild cam upgrade in it and may move up on carburation or FI...
Kent Bracken

OK. After a little research I learned that the Falcon system is the SS system sold by Moss and comes with two mufflers, no inline 'glasspacks' (like Monza) and straight tips. I decided to order that and now wonder what tips people are using with these straight steel exits, and how they affect the sound?
Kent Bracken

I installed the Falcon ss and am happy with the sound. I had a muffler shop tack a couple of chrome tips on. I think it really enhanced the look. I have had many positive comments on it. Only cost around $20.
Mike '71 TR6
mike crane

This thread was discussed between 16/07/2005 and 21/07/2005

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