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Triumph TR6 - Moss Seats

Greetings All ... In the last Moss Motors catalogue they showed a new set of seats for our beloved TR6. I have not met anyone yet who has acquired a pair and I am most interested in any reviews you might have...Thanks
A Findlay


So I am finally biting the bullet and thinking of replacing my seats and also stumbled over this option from Moss. Has anybody tried these?


Ignatius Rigor

Where you been brudder??

Is it something that you want to stay stock
or, maybe an other make's seats?

Hey Don,

When did you move to SC?

We also ought a house (still in Kenmore, WA) a couple years ago and have been busy updating it, but we are finally to the point that I have time to play with our TR.

I don't necessarily want to stay completely stock, e.g I have succumbed to spin on oil filters and K&N oil filters, but I do want to keep the period "look".

These new seats at moss seem like a nice compromise for me, i.e. modern, but close to stock.

Ignatius Rigor

Think the Moss seats have gotten a decent grade from purchasers.
I'll do a little digging

Got to the low country in October.
Don't miss the cool damp climate a bit.
Ask me in July
Sold my 6 before I left and kept the TR7 V8

About 8 miles to the beach, got to love that

OK update.
Didn't find anybodys report but did find
Only available in black?
Wider than the stock seat and a little different.

For that cost go Miata

You beat me to it Don. I was going to say the same thing. That seems awfully pricey, I'd go Miata to.

rw loftus

This thread was discussed between 05/09/2012 and 06/05/2013

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