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Triumph TR6 - Moss, TRF, or ??

Let me ask for a couple of your opinions -

If an individual was to place a substantial order for TR6 parts (between $5,000 and $10,000 US), who whould you want to be the vendor for quality of parts and completeness of service? Who has your faith and trust?


The Roadster Factory?

Someone else?

P.S. - this is primarily for interior, brakes, suspension upgrades, and little bits and pieces - no major engine work anticipated or drivetrain work is expected (although being rebuilt to fresh bearings and seals is to be expected.)
Bob Blair

I always try The Roadster Factory first because of all they have done over the years to produce quality parts where others are willing to sell lesser quality.
Good alterantives are Rimmer Brothers and Revington both in the UK for stuff hard to find in the US. Moss is hard to fault for all they have done for the vintage MG owner but they are now into Miata, Mini. and PT Cruisers and need our Truiumph orders less than TRF. Be prepared for backorders which will force the order to go to several vendors. Just my opinion.
Richard Porter

I have a local Moss distributor source that is pretty good, nice to have one close by. As a consequence, I haven't ordered direct from Moss in years. Having said that, when it comes time to order stuff in, Roadster always gets first shot at the order for much the same reasons mentioned by Mr. Porter. (I must say though at times I wonder about some of the non-car parts stuff with Roadster being a distraction and drain on the primary parts business <Coventry Inn, etc.>) I have also purchased stuff from Revington and from Rimmer Bros. The only problem is that you have to be careful about freight charges, always try to get an estimate on them up front when ordering direct out of the UK. Also note that Roadster is carrying some of the Revington stuff now.

Deal with Roadster factory! Even if you don't ask they will tell you were its made and if they have or are working on something better.

Moss is like shopping at Walmart. The lowest bidding manufacturers price will always be accepted. If you realy need 10 grand worth of shiny Chinese junk. Moss or Walmart will take your money.

Living in Canada with our low dollar and huge import taxes and fee's. I bought some Moss body parts. Floor pans and sills. Through one of our recommended US resellers. Guaranteed British Heritage originals? Received junk!

Anyone involved shipping my Moss parts either had no consience or had never seen a car part before?

I had my local body parts guys look at them. Then there supplier of repop parts rep.. They described them as poor seconds. No they are not available in Canada. When we ran a paint computer on the shipping paint it matched the Taiwan stuff sold here? Biggest problem is that set of parts should have run me $250 Can. less 50% for seconds if I was willing to do some major fitting? Instead of $800 +.

British heritage means squat. Only that they licence the name out. Cheap paper stickers on junk.

This may be a rant but until Moss and there well off vendors start paying attention. Its the best they get from me!

Bill Brayford

TRF runs winter sales that might save you some money. Usually they'll give a freebie for a certain amount spent, so if you can wait a bit before you spend the wad-o-cash, your might end up with a little nicer car for the same outlay. Wouldn't hurt to build a rapport with the staff there, ask questions.

I live nearer Victoria British, so it takes less time to receive parts from them. But I like, for example, to get Girling brake parts if available. Vicky Brit will probably send a repro, while TRF will probably send Girling.

Moss has such great catalogs and web pages of them as well. It would be sad to see them disappear. As was said earlier, you'll probably end up getting stuff from all of the suppliers, as backorders are pretty much inevitable. You may also find a deal or 2 on eBay, but the time involved in that search can be exhaustive. That one thing that's been elusive could show up, and that's the draw for me.

There's a place in the UK that has nice looking interiors on the web, can't remember which. And a place in Germany, I think, that has a lot of high quality looking performance stuff. I have no experience with these, just ideas. And there's the question of if you're doing a super accurate restoration or something more customized to your ideal car. Exciting times, it's your money and your car. (Decisions, decisions)

Are you doing the work yourself? If not, TRF has rebuilding shops for mechanical and interior stuff that might be more experienced than you or a local. Shipping stuff around the country will cost a bundle too, so weigh that with phone calls and research on the internet (and of course all the printed tech info)to do it right the first time.

Then of course there's this and other boards and your local club. The more you know before you start, the easier it will come together, and the final product show your determination to others of like mind.

You'll have to excuse me for any assumptions I may have made in your situation.

Comment on MOSS. If you are considering buying from MOSS then first get LBcarCo to quote on your order. I guarantee will be less.
For complete interiours..Vicy Brit...$1300 COMPLETE!
Body pannels...well if you want fit find good used ones. Ask for volumn discount.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks to everybody.

I started pouring thought my TRF Catalogue (Volume 2) last night writing down items, and downloaded their latest price list in database format for easier searching (IS '02 THEIR LATEST PRICE LIST?). I hope to get started ordering this winter.

Bob Blair

Bob-You might consider TRF's customer investment program. Invest 5K, get 10% interest, plus 1/3 discount on most parts (body parts excluded). Other peoples experiences?
Berry Price
BTP Price

Berry - That's a unique idea. Can you tell me more about the program, or is information on their website? Also, if I invest $15K, will I get the parts FREE?

Bob Blair

I just check Roadster's website and got the info - thanks for the lead.
Bob Blair

Bob is a dreamer!....FREE?
Bob I would think that '02 price list is way out of date. There was a major price increase early this year.
There is an old thread on TRF's customer investment program. Sorry do not recall the thread title and year.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Rick - I also thought there was a price increase, but haven't found an updated one on the web. Guess I'll just send them my list for a quote.

Bob (singing (poorly, very poorly) "Santa Clause is coming to town...")
Bob Blair

Go to this link and you can get current pricing. It is your typical "shopping cart" and you enter one part at a time but at least you get a price.
Upper left corner of page is "ON LINE PRICE LIST" click it again on the next page for the shopping cart.
OR if you look at bottom of that page is .PDF files to look at ("down load page"). I think this is where you saw the 2002 price list and I am not telling you stuff you do not already know..
Unfortunately the Green spare parts catalogue is still out of print.

Hay Bob, if you are talking to someone at TRF could you please ask when the green catalogue WILL be back in print.

Santa will need a bigger sleigh for you:)
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Re: The Green Catalogue: About 10 years ago, I didn't want my precious catalogues to get greasy, so I obtained a second Blue and Green Catalogue while they were still free. That way, I have one pristeen set in my library, while I have another, slightly dog-eared, greasy set in the garage. I've photocopied the pages, and when I take off a part, it goes in a baggy with the page, and the part is circled on the page. Saves a ton of writing (and later trying to read my scribbles).

Bob Blair

Last year I fitted to a friends MGTD a set of needles and seats and new floats to the SU carbs purchased from Moss Motors, Within 1 week both needles had stuck and 1 float had sunk, Just about sums It up dont you think!Solved the problem with new parts from UK well worth the wait only 2 weeks
Clive Parker

I just received a catalog of web specials (?) from TRF today.

Does anybody know if Moss sells a Girling or Lockheed clutch slave cylinder or is it some aftermarket junk? Obsolete Auto in Point Edward, Ontario offers original Lockheed cylinders at $88.90 Reg and $69.00 Sale when it's on. That's CDN $$. This thread had some pretty negative comments about Moss quality & I'd like to stay with quality parts. BTW, I ordered a "Triumph Book Logo" walnut shift knob from Moss. The ceramic logo is very nice but the "Walnut" is Third World quality.

Bob Evans

Hi Bob

Obsolete gets there own stuff in from England for the most part. Passes right by you on the way in.

Rimmers in Englands about 53 canadian.

Moss does not show that part or a price.

TRF is 40 bucks US plus exchange plus duties think it works out the same.

Because lockheed parts are used on lots of stuff it might not hurt to get a price from your local parts store?

Bill Brayford

Your is probably left over plywood from Florida! clive
live parker

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